Tuition FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much more is the College’s upper division tuition rate than the lower division (base tuition) rate?

A: For third- and fourth-year College of Arts & Sciences students in the 2022-23 academic year, the difference between the A&S upper division and lower division (base) tuition rate is $2,828 ($1,414 for the Fall 2022 semester, and $1,414 for the Spring 2023 semester).

Q: Does the A&S upper division tuition rate apply to incoming transfer students to the College of Arts & Sciences?

A: If a transfer student entering in Fall 2022 is considered a third- or foutrh-year student then, yes, the upper-division tuition rate will apply. 

Q: How / when / where was the A&S upper division tuition rate announced?

A: In March 2019, the University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors voted to approve an upper division rate for the College:

Q: I have a major in another school outside of the College and I also have a major in the College of Arts & Sciences. Does the tuition differential impact me?
A: Undergraduate students have only one school of enrollment, and College students may only have majors from the College. If a student has a major in Architecture, Batten, Commerce, Education, Engineering or Nursing, that school is the student’s primary school of enrollment, and therefore, the student is not impacted by the College of Arts & Sciences tuition differential. Those schools have different tuition rates and their own tuition differentials; please click here for details.

Q: How does the A&S upper division tuition rate improve undergraduate education in the College?

A: The increase in tuition revenue is part of a multi-year plan to enhance the quality of the undergraduate experience and attract and retain the best faculty. In essence, upper division tuition helps fund the higher cost of instruction for students (taught by mostly senior, tenured faculty) in their third and fourth years across arts and sciences disciplines.  

Q: When will my financial aid information be available for the 2022-23 academic year? And was this new tuition information taken into account?

A: Financial Aid offers will be available to students on a rolling basis starting in June 2022 based on the date by which they submitted their financial aid applications (the FAFSA and CSS Profile).  Priority will be given to those applications received by the March 1 priority filing date. The University meets 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all in-state and out-of-state students through a combination of grants, work-study and need-based loans.  Any increase, then, to the cost of attendance as a result of the upper division tuition rate will be taken into consideration when financial aid eligibility is calculated.

Q: Where can I find specific information about tuition amounts, fee structures, and the full estimated cost of attendance for the College of Arts & Sciences?

A: Detailed estimated undergraduate cost and financial aid information is available on the Student Financial Services (SFS) website.

If you have other Arts & Sciences upper division tuition-related questions, contact Arts & Sciences via [email protected]