Transfer Student Newsletter: January 2020

Welcome Back to Grounds!

This newsletter provides you with some important information to help you succeed in your transition to the College. We hope that you will read it, bookmark it, and refer to it as you need. We know that successful students are well informed about opportunities and policies in the College, that they are in frequent touch with their advisors and their Association Dean, and that they both formulate and keep to an academic plan.

Upcoming Deadlines

Classes begin on Monday, January 13th and we anticipate that many students will continue adjusting their class schedules this coming week. Be sure to visit Collab to read your syllabi and ensure that no pre-class reading or writing assignments are due by the first day of class. 

Monday, January 27th is the final day to Drop a class, Add a class, Select the AU (Audit) Option, or Change to or from "Credit/No Credit" Option. If you are unsure how to properly adjust your schedule or you have questions about recent updates to SIS, please call (434) 924-4357. Please remember that Association Deans cannot add you to classes or override wait lists. The SIS Help page may be found here:

Holds and Forms
Please check your SIS Student Account to ensure that you do not have a hold on your spring registration. Many of these holds are from offices outside of the College and they are indicative of problems that will halt your progress at our university. If you have a Student Financial Services, Office of the Dean of Students, Study Abroad, Admissions, or Student Health hold, you must call or visit that office to resolve the underlying issue. Association Deans cannot remove holds from any of the aforementioned offices. All holds must be resolved by January 17th, no exceptions.

If you have an Arts & Sciences hold on your account because you may lack a major, exhausted your allotted full-time semesters, or ended the previous semester on academic probation, then you must schedule a meeting to speak with Dean Ozment. 

Part-Time Status Request
If you need to be a part-time student (enrolled in 6.00 credits or fewer) this spring, please complete and print out the following form, and return it to 101 Monroe Hall. You may wish to consult the Student Financial Services office prior to submission if you have questions about part-time tuition and/or financial aid. Students are limited to a maximum of 16 total credits taken as a part-time student. Part-time students are not eligible for Intermediate Honors or the College of Arts & Sciences Deans' List. To earn Good Standing part-time students must earn a 1.8 semester GPA.

Credit Overload Request
If you ended the previous semester in good academic standing and wish to enroll in more than 17.00 credit hours, please complete and print out the following form, obtain the required signature from your professor, and return your paperwork to 101 Monroe Hall.

Major Declarations
If you need to declare a major, please visit 101 Monroe Hall to obtain a carbon copy major declaration form before you visit the Director of Undergraduate Programs from your chosen department. It goes without saying that students should study the department's website and undergraduate handbook prior to meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Programs. Contact information for Directors of Undergraduate Programs may be found here: Links to each academic department and directions for declaring majors may be found here:

Academic Advising in the College

Association Dean Office Hours
Dean Ozment looks forward to reconnecting with many of you in the coming weeks. To schedule an appointment with her, please visit 101 Monroe Hall or call (434) 924-3350. If you need to see an Association Dean during the first week of classes but Dean Ozment's office hours conflict with your class schedule, then please visit the College's walk-in academic advising with the Dean of the Dean Monday-Friday from 2:30-4:00pm. 

The College Life Skills Coach, Ms. Christy Rotman is also available to help students with goal setting, time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to arrange an appointment with her.

Ms. Ozment hopes as well that all newly arrived transfer students will make an appointment to see her and discuss your academic plans. You may set up an appointment to meet with her by calling 924-3350 or visiting 101 Monroe Hall. Her office location is 204 Monroe Hall.

Transfer Credit

Ms. Erin O’Donnell is the College’s Transfer Credit Analyst in Monroe Hall. If you have transfer credit which we have not already posted, please have an official transcript sent to Ms. Erin O’Donnell, P.O. Box 400133, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904. 


Useful Links

Other resources can be found on the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate web site, where we have tried to compile information that will be helpful for all students.