College of A&S Calendar for 2020-2021

See also the UREG calendar for key dates. To access previous calendars, click here.

Spring 2021 SEMESTER

There is no spring break in spring 2021; the following days are "break days":

  • Wednesday, February 17
  • Tuesday, March 9
  • Monday, March 29
  • Thursday, April 15

The last day to add a class or change grade options for a class is February 16, 2021. Later in the semester, beginning on April 23, 2021, students will have another opportunity to change their mind about grading options. They will have until Friday April 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time to make their final decisions about grading options and confirm that those decisions are reflected in their class schedule in SIS.

Sunday, January 31

Deadline to Apply for a Leave of Absence for Spring 2021

Monday, February 1

Spring Classes Begin

Tuesday, February 16

Last Day to
    Add a Class
    Select the AU (Audit) Option
    Change to or from "Credit/No Credit" Option (initial round)
    Request Part-Time Status (the add deadline)


Monday, March 1

Application for Readmission for Summer and/or Fall 2021 Opens (Use eForm in SIS)

Tuesday, March 23

Last Day to Drop a Class

April 5 to April 16

Advising for Fall 2021 Course Selection

Tuesday, April 6

Last Day to Withdraw from a Class (done in SIS)

April 12

Third- and Fourth-Year Students Enroll in Summer 2021 Classes

April 13

First- and Second-Year Students Enroll in Summer 2021 Classes

Friday, April 30

Last Day to Request Change in Examination Schedule

May 6

Spring 2021 Classes End

May 6

Last Day for Fourth-Semester Students to Declare a Major

May 7

Shopping Cart Opens for Fall 2021

Friday, May 7 - Saturday, May 15

Course Final Examinations

May 9 and May 12

Reading Days

Saturday, May 15

Last Day to Withdraw from the University
Students will be eligible to APPLY to return in Fall 2021

Monday, May 17

Final grades are due 48 hours after the final exam. ALL grades are due by May 17 at 5:00 PM.

Tuesday, May 18

Undergraduate Enrollment Begins for Fall 2021 Classes
All students are limited to 15 credits until August (exact date TBD) at 8 AM (no exceptions).

Saturday, May 22

2021 Finals Weekend; see Major Events website

Monday, June 14

Deadline for Completing Authorized Incompletes from the Spring Semester

Thursday, July 1

Students Apply in SIS for August 2021 Graduation

Friday, July 2

Last Day to Apply for Readmission for the Summer Session III (Use eForm in SIS)

Friday, July 30

Last Day to Apply for Readmission for the Fall 2021 Term (Use eForm in SIS)