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Academic Advising Dean 

Every College student is assigned an Advising Dean—this faculty member is your academic support resource as long as you are in the College.

  • Conversations about your academic and life goals
  • Help when you are struggling academically
  • Referrals to other support offices
  • Questions about academic policies 
  • Help with College forms and procedures

You can find out who your dean is here.


To make an appointment, call 434-924-3351, M-F, 8-5 or stop by Monroe 101.

Pre-Major Advisor

Every College student is also assigned a pre-major advisor when they enter UVA.  This faculty member helps you select classes and keep on track your first two years. 

  • Help settling in your first semester
  • Questions about your general education requirements
  • Questions about course selection for the upcoming semester
  • To get your advising hold lifted before course enrollment

Your pre-major advisor is listed in SIS: Look for your “program advisor.”  

Email them to make an appointment.

College Undergraduate Advising Office Staff - Monroe 101

Sometimes you just have a quick question.  The College Undergraduate Advising Office Staff are eager to help you.

  • Quick questions about deadlines, forms and procedures
  • Making an appointment with your Academic Advising Dean

Just stop by Monroe 101 between 8-5, M-F or call 434-924-3351

Check out the Staff Directory for specific people.

Dean of the Day

The Dean of the Day is an Academic Advising Dean who is available by Zoom on weekday afternoons from 2:30-4 when classes are in session.

  • Quick questions about deadlines, forms, policies and procedures
  • Advice about simple matters like courses and requirements
  • Referrals to other student support offices
Connect to the Dean of the Day M-F, 2:30-4pm EST

Directors of Undergraduate Programs

Every department has a Director of Undergraduate Programs to help students navigate the department’s major and minor programs.

  • Exploring whether this major or minor is right for you
  • Understanding major or minor prerequisites and requirements
  • Questions about the process for declaring a major or minor
  • Special programs and opportunities
Find the Directors of Undergraduate Programs in the College.

Major Advisor

When you declare your major at the end of your second year, you are assigned a major advisor.

  • Questions about major requirements
  • Conversations about possible career paths
  • Special opportunities for majors

Your major advisor is listed in SIS after you declare your major: Look for your “program advisor.”  

Email them to make an appointment.  

World Language Coordinators

World Language Coordinators are faculty who help students navigate language studies in the College.

  • Questions about placement in language courses 

Find the World Language Coordinators and their contact information. 

Find out about placement in language courses. 

Specialized Advising in the College

The College is a complex place and sometimes you need specialized advice. The following people can help.

WhoVisit ForHow to Contact

College Registrar

Judy Updike

Questions about your academic record, AP and DE credits, and applying for graduationEmail: [email protected]

College Life Skills Coach

Christy Rotman

Help with time management, procrastination, study strategies, transitioning to UVA, goal setting, making connections on grounds, exploring majors or careers, motivation and more

Check out the College Life Skills Coach’s resources page.

Email: [email protected]

Study Abroad Transfer Credit Evaluator

Abigail Holeman

Questions about study abroad credits

Find forms and answers to your questions about study abroad. 

Email: [email protected]

Domestic Transfer Credit Evaluator

Erin O’Donnell

Questions about transferring credits from US colleges and universities

Find forms and answers to your questions about transferring credits.

Email: [email protected]

Intra-university Transfer to the College Dean 

Erin Eaker

Questions from current UVA students about transferring to the College from another school 

Non-UVA students should apply for transfer to UVA through the UVA Admissions Office.

Find out more about transferring to the College from other UVA schools.

Email: [email protected]

World Language Placement Dean

Melissa Frost

Questions about fulfilling the College’s World Language Requirement 

Learn about the World Language Requirement and placement in language courses.

Email: [email protected]

Last updated: May 30, 2024
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