Transfer to the College

This page contains information for current U.Va. students in another school of the University who want to transfer to the College of Arts & Sciences. Non-U.Va. students must apply to the University of Virginia Office of Admission.

BIS Students: Click here for information on eligibility and application requirements.

The selection of spring 2018 courses occurs by means of the SIS (the Student Information System). For students currently in the schools of Architecture, Education, Engineering, Commerce and Nursing enrollment in College courses will begin in November. Students seeking to transfer into the College should be aware that a number of departments require that students must be in the College before adding into College classes. Students who transfer in June will be considered College students sometime in August.

Transfer to the College from Another U.Va. School

To be admitted to the College, you must meet the following criteria:

In the semester prior to transfer, satisfy all of the College's criteria for Good Standing by earning:

  • a current GPA of at least 1.8;
  • 12 graded credit hours;
  • not more than one grade below a C-.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Have earned the minimum number of College degree hours required:
    • 24 credit hours prior to the 3rd semester
    • 54 credit hours prior to the 5th semester
    • 84 credit hours prior to the 7th semester


You should apply for entry into the College in the first- or second-year. If, in the rare case, you are applying in your third year, your application must include a completed major declaration with departmental approval, and a plan of study, showing how you can complete the College degree in the remaining full-time semesters. The College will not accept applications after a student has completed more than 6 full-time semesters at U.Va. or elsewhere.

The complete application consists of two parts: both must be printed out, completed by hand, and together with all the required documents, submitted to 138 Monroe Hall no later than 5 PM, December 15,  (for admission in spring) or June 1 (for admission in the fall). Late applications are not accepted.

If you do not plan correctly, you may find that you need either an extra semester, year, or summer school to complete your degree in a professional school. Extra academic time is not automatic and is difficult to obtain, and summer school may be inconvenient. If you have questions, contact the school directly.

Planning Next Semester's Courses

First, consult the dean of your current school about your transfer plans. Then meet with the Association Dean of Transfer Students in Monroe Hall to decide:

  • What College courses will fulfill College degree requirements;
  • How the courses you have completed thus far will transfer to the College;
  • If your courses have fulfilled any of the College's requirements and what remains to be fulfilled;
  • How many hours you can expect to transfer to the College.

Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the College's academic policies, procedures, and contacts by consulting the following resources:

Lastly, if you have specific questions about your intended major, such as adding into restricted classes, you must consult with the appropriate Director of the Undergraduate Program.

Return to the College

Students who have been accepted for transfer from the College to another school at the University, but wish to reverse the process and return to the College, may do so before the beginning of the new semester.  Once the semester starts, they remain enrolled as students in the other school and must apply as an Intra-University transfer student.  Accordingly, a student who completes one or more semesters in another school of the University and then wishes to return to the College must also apply as an Intra-University transfer student.