Transfer to the College (from non-U.Va. schools)


Students from colleges or universities outside the University of Virginia apply each year with credits they intend to transfer to their College record. This page provides information on how to transfer to the University of Virginia's College of Arts & Sciences.

  1. Apply to UVA through the Office of Admissions
  2. Submit your transcripts and AP exam scores with your application
  3. Credits will be evaluated and may be applied toward degree requirements
  4. If you are admitted, you will receive a final offer of admission
  5. Meet with your assigned faculty advisor when you arrive

Submit Your Transcript

As part of their admission application, submit to the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission your official final transcript from every previous college or university including your last semester's grades at the earliest possible date. Also include credits from examination agencies -- such as Education Testing Service for advanced placement credit.

To expedite this process, make a request to your school's Registrar to send your transcript to our University of Virginia Admission Office as soon as possible after your final grades are recorded.

Summer Session: Transfer students whose admission is conditional upon successful completion of specified subjects in the Summer Session must also submit their summer school transcript.

For Fall admission, the U.Va. Admission Office must receive your official transcript with your final semester grades by June 30 or we cannot guarantee that we will have your transfer credit evaluation completed before Summer Orientation.

How the College Evaluates Your Transfer Credit

Credit equivalencies will be evaluated and awarded subject to the policies outlined on this page about which and how many credits will be accepted and how credits can be applied toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

For more information, see Evaluation of Transfer Credit

In general, we accept transfer credit for any course that is comparable to one that we offer at the University and in which you have earned a grade of C or better. The credit awarded will be no more than the amount given by the sending school (in the case of institutions using a quarter system, three quarter-hours equal two credit-hours). The College transfers credits only, not grades or grade-points. As soon as we evaluate your transcript, we will notify you that we have posted your credit.

When You Can View the Results of Your Credit Evaluation

Once the U.Va. Admission Office has received and posted your deposit, you will be able to access the SIS (Student Information System) and, when available, your official credit evaluation.

For Fall admission, expect to receive notice that we have completed your credit evaluation some time between late June and early August, depending upon when we receive your final transcript.

How to check your record after your credit is evaluated

As new transcripts or test scores become available, we may add or revise transfer or other non-UVa credit to your record throughout the summer. Rather than contacting Dean Ozment's office about additional credit that you expect, first please check SIS as follows:

  1. Go to the SIS Student Center
  2. Type in your computing ID and password (this is your NetBadge login)
  3. Click on Transfer Credits

As noted above, this screen may change as we receive updated transcripts, AP or IB scores, dual enrollment courses, or other non-U.Va. credit. If there are no changes, it is very possible that we have not received any additional documentation. In this case, please request your previous school or the appropriate testing center to send your transcript to the College of Arts and Sciences at the address below.

Review of Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you believe we have made an error evaluating your transfer credit, you may request a review. To do this, forward a syllabus of the course in question to Ms. Erin O'Donnell, the College Transfer Credit Evaluator, at [email protected]. Ms. O'Donnell's office is 201-C Monroe Hall; her mailing address is P.O. Box 400133, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4133.

Final Offer of Admission

Once we receive your transcript and evaluate your credits, the Office of Admission will make your offer of admission final provided that your work in the term prior to admission at UVA is commensurate with your previous performance.

Course selection for the fall term does not constitute matriculation. For Fall admission, students whose credentials are not complete by August 15 will be disenrolled from their courses and may have their registration canceled.

Meet with Your Assigned Advisor

Faculty advisors provide academic advice as well as access to the Student Information System (SIS). Each College student is assigned a faculty advisor.

Second-year students

  • If you are a second-year student, we will let you know the name of your faculty advisor and his or her contact information. You will need to contact your advisor to arrange a meeting time. Please note that all non-majors (and some majors) have an advising hold placed on their record. Your advisor will remove this hold after your meeting.
  • For fall admits, you will meet with an advisor during Summer Orientation. You will meet with your assigne advisor during the first week of classes.
  • For spring admits, your meeting should be no later than January 18.

Third-year Students

  • Declare a Major: If you are a third-year student your major department will assign you an advisor when you declare a major during summer or fall orientation.
  • Spring admits: If you are a third-year student and you are unable to declare a major by February 1, you will need to complete the Deferral of Major Form (available from 101 Monroe Hall).
  • Undergraduate Program Directors of your intended major program or department can answer questions about your major after your transfer credit is evaluated. These advisors will be available during Summer Orientation for third-year students and during Fall Orientation for all students.