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As a College Advising Dean, I love getting to know my students personally and learning about their backgrounds and the values that shape their goals. I recognize that every student has unique interests, experiences, and challenges and that the path they carve through UVA will likewise be unique. My advising approach is grounded in a commitment to the liberal arts education that UVA is known for, and my goal is to support the holistic flourishing of all my students. In supporting students, I draw on deep connections with colleagues across grounds, and on over two decades of experience of research and teaching in Philosophy. I have taught a broad array of courses at UVA, including Darwin and PhilosophyVisions of the GoodHumans, Nature, and EvolutionThe Past, Present and Future of HumankindThe Traveler's Dilemma, as well as study abroad courses in England and the Galápagos Islands.  


  • B.A., University of North Carolina
  • Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles