Quick Reference Guide for Advisors

FAQs for Fall 2021 College of A&S Advising

College website with links to calendar, forms, advising information: http://college.as.virginia.edu  

  1. Summer Session I: May 24–June 17, Session II: une 21–July 17, Session III: July 19–August 13, 8 Week Session: June 21–August 13
  2. Fall Semester 2021 starts Tuesday, August 24, 2021.
  3. Scheduling Advising Appointments


  • College advising calendar (on the Undergraduate College site above) at bottom where it says SCHEDULE ADVISING: https://advise.sites.virginia.edu/
  • On left hand side where there are three dots, you can create advising blocks.
  • You can now embed a Zoom link in your advising schedule

Talking with advisees

  • Phone appointments (you can dial *67 from your personal phone and then the student’s number if you would like to block your number) OR
  • Setting up video/phone Zoom; See Guide to setting up Zoom.

For the meeting options section: enable the waiting room. This allows you to admit students one at a time to a long meeting block, rather than having to set up individual meetings with each student. You can have a private conversation and then leave the meeting, invite a waiting student into a private meeting room and then start over again. Check out the Zoom link on the ITS site below.

Zoom Questions? 434-924-4357 or ITS site: https://in.virginia.edu/zoom

4. Major Declaration

5. Association Deans | Monroe Hall

Faculty Advisor 2021 Helpful Links and Resources

General Information

College/Monroe Hall Undergraduate Office: 434-924-3351

College Registrar and General College questions

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

LGBTQ Student Services

Multicultural Student Center

Office of African American Affairs (OAAA)
     Kim Bassett, Associate Dean | 434-924-7923

Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS)
     4 Rs Resource Pamphlet
     Daytime: 434-924-7133
     After Hours Contact: 434-927-7166