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The Enforcement of Deadlines

When students inquire about the possibility of exiting from a course once the drop and withdrawal deadlines have passed, tell them their choices are to rally immediately or rally later, in both cases seeking assistance from the instructor as warranted. Instructors may extend the opportunity of an Incomplete, but only upon completion of the Request for Extension of Time Form, (also available in 101 Monroe Hall). The form must include a signature from the instructor, and then be returned to 101 Monroe Hall. Absent major and documented trauma or hardship, there is no exit from a course, all rumors about magical and mystical colored forms to the contrary.

Mandatory Meeting Times

All mandatory meetings (e.g., common exams, labs, required field trips, etc.) must be coded in SIS as part of the class. Click here to view the Provost Policy.

Missed Classes, Labs, Homework, etc.

Every class MUST have a syllabus on which are listed the guidelines for participation in the course.

Contrary to expectations of some colleagues and students, Monroe Hall does not "validate" students’ requests for make-up quizzes, missed homework or classes, labs, and the like. It is the responsibility of each instructor to set the criteria of participation for the course and then to honor exceptions and accommodations as circumstances and the instructor’s judgment suggest. Only in the event of unusually serious circumstances that transcend the course involved, such as hospitalizations or other emergencies, when students cannot consult with each instructor, do the Association Deans write to instructors with the requests that students be permitted to make up missed work.

Some instructors have found the following a workable solution: "Students are expected to clear any absences with the instructor ahead of time. Otherwise, and in the event of illness, emergency, and the like, a written statement, accompanied by the Honor Pledge attesting to its veracity, is required before the possibility of make-up work will be considered."

Off Grounds Field Trips

An academic field trip is an official University activity that is part of an academic course, is educational in nature, occurs in a location other than the class location, and is managed by the academic department. See the Liability Risk Management site for policies.

Legal Liability of Advisors

Can an advisor or anyone else involved in the advising of students be held liable for "faulty advice"? General Counsel provided the following information:

Generally, a faculty or other advisor who is sued for their work would be offered representation and would be insured for potential liability, for acts undertaken in the scope of their employment. "Faulty advice" likely is not going to be a compelling legal theory for a finding of liability, but of course anyone can file a lawsuit, even if it is frivolous or silly.

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