Teacher Education B.A./B.S.-M.T. Joint Program with Curry School

Students who wish to earn a master's degree in elementary or special education may focus on any major in the College while concurrently pursuing the Master of Teaching degree. Students considering admission to, and especially those accepted into, the BA/MT program must select their non-College electives very carefully, keeping in mind that they MUST present no fewer than 102 College or College-equivalent hours, among the 120 earned, to qualify for the B.A.

Students interested in teaching secondary education are not eligible for the BA/MT program. They must select a content major related to the area they wish to teach and then apply to the Post-Graduate Master of Teaching Program.

  • Because students admitted to the program take several education courses as part of the joint degree program, avoid taking non-College electives in your second year unless advised to do so. Someone who wants to teach mathematics, for example, must major in mathematics in the College.

If students plan carefully with their advisors in Arts and Sciences and in Curry, they can complete their BA/MT or BS/MT in 4 1/2 years. To do so, students must complete

  • Core requirements in the College and
  • General studies requirements and teacher education courses listed under the BA/MT links at the Curry School of Education web site.

Prospective teachers will pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in a specific major in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree in the Curry School of Education.

During the first four years all students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and should work toward completing both College area requirements as well as prerequisites for the 5-year Teacher Education Program.

Additional information about the Teacher Education Program can be obtained from

Curry Office of Admissions
106 Bavaro Hall | 924-3334

or from

Teacher Education Office
326 Bavaro Hall | 924-0748