Declare a Minor

In addition to a major, students may choose a minor concentration in a second subject (or third subject if they are double majors). Not all departments and interdepartmental programs offer a minor. Students may have only one minor.

Students intending to minor must complete the appropriate forms in the department no later than the add period of their next to last semester in the College (normally the seventh semester). A copy of the minor form must be delivered to the Dean's Office in 138 Monroe Hall.

NOTE: BIS students are not permitted to have a major or a minor from the College.

Course Requirements

  • A minor consists of no fewer than 15 and no more than 24 credits of graded work in a program of studies approved by the sponsoring department.
  • Only interdisciplinary minors may share courses with a major. Permission of both departments is required.
  • Students may not declare two minors, but they may declare two majors and a minor.
  • Courses taken credit/no credit may not be included in the minor program.

Courses used to meet area requirements in the College and the Second Writing Requirement may simultaneously be offered in fulfillment of a minor, except that foreign language courses through level 2020, and 2120 for Portuguese, 2320 for French and 2060 for Chinese, may not be included as part of a minor.

Non-College Minors

Any student without a minor in the College may declare a minor in one of the other undergraduate schools in the University which allow College enrollment.  Students who declare a minor outside the College must keep in mind that courses taken in these schools count as non-College credits.  Only 18 non-College credits may be applied toward the B.A.  However, courses taken for the Urban and Environmental Planning minor in the School of Architecture may count as College-equivalent courses if students complete the minor.