NOTE: Course Action Forms are only available online. We do not have paper copies!  Except in a minority of cases, Course Action Forms should be turned in to the department of the course. See the "Course Action Form" heading for more information.

Unless otherwise noted, forms should be submitted to 101 Monroe Hall. Paper copies of all forms, except the Course Action Form, are also located in 101 Monroe Hall. Forms with a live link are available online below. You can fill these out online (save a copy for your records) and then bring a printed copy to submit. Depending on which web browser you are using, you may need to download the form in order to complete it. We do not have the functionality for you to submit forms online.

Form Form Use
Certification of Enrollment and Degree

The official provider of enrollment and degree certifications for the University of Virginia is Credentials Inc. Certifications can be used for insurance companies, scholarships, military IDs, good student discounts, prospective employment, and all other services that require proof of being enrolled at UVa or having received a degree. See the Registrar's Office website for more information.

Course Action Form

Note: The Course Action Form (CAF) is ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. We have NO PAPER COPIES! Follow the link at left, fill in the form and print the webpage (it is not a PDF form). Most CAFs should be turned in to the course's department. Only CAFs for courses outside the College, courses that do not belong to a department, and courses whose department has no staff are turned in to 101 Monroe Hall.

SIS will deny enrollment in a course if you do not meet the class section restrictions, if the course is full, wait listed, or restricted to instructor permission.

When a course is full you will likely be directed to place your name on either the wait list or the permission list. You may add your name if you would like to be considered for the class.

Some instructors may still use a paper Course Action Form to allow you to enroll in a class. The paper form, along with a Credit Hour Overoad Request, will also be needed if you are requesting permission to enroll in more than 17 credits.

Credit Hour Overload Request

Students who wish to request permission to enroll in more than 17 credit hours in a semester should complete a Credit Hour Overload Request. Students may request permission to enroll in up to 21 credit hours; enrollment in more than 21 credit hours in a semester is not permitted.

Delete a Major or Minor

This form is used to delete a second major or a minor, or to change a major to a minor. You may not switch first and second majors unless the second major you are declaring is a BS program.

Discontinue Forum

This form is used by students who elected to participate in a Forum to complete their College area requirements, should they decide to discontinue their participation in the Forum. Students must meet with their Association Dean, who approves their withdrawal from the Forum, before returning this form to 101 Monroe Hall.

Discontinue New Curriculum

This form is used by students who elected to join the New College Curriculum to complete their College general education requirements, should they decide to discontinue their participation in the New College Curriculum. Students must meet with their Faculty Advisor and their Association Dean, who approve their withdrawal from the Curriculum, before returning this form to 101 Monroe Hall.

Faculty Advisor Change Request

You may request to change your faculty advisor or major advisor using this form.

Final Exam Postponement

When serious conditions exist, students may be allowed to postpone a final exam until later in final exam period with the consent of the course instructor. Early exams are not permitted. To request an exam postponement, submit a Request for Exam Postponement, with the instructor's recommendation and signature, to 101 Monroe Hall. The Dean's Office will review your request and will notify you and your instructor only if your request is denied.

First Writing Requirement - Advanced Placement (FWR+) Form

Many courses that satisfy the College's First Writing Requirement for advanced placement students (see form for details) are not designated in SIS as fulfilling the First Writing Requirment. Eligible students who are enrolled in or have completed such a course can use this form to have the instructor certify their completion of the requirement.

Incomplete Grade (Extension of Time)

To request an incomplete grade to complete class requirements, you must submit a Request for an Incomplete Grade Form, with the instructor's signature.

Interdisciplinary Major Application

To apply for the Interdisciplinary Major Program please submit all of the following items to Dean Shawn Lyons in Monroe Hall.

  1. the application;
  2. a written proposal outlining your project;
  3. a list of courses related to your field with a total of 30 credit hours;
  4. a brief description of your interdisciplinary major thesis;
  5. a current transcript.

Upon receiving an offer of admission to the program, you must submit a formal Declaration of Major form to be signed by the Chair of your Interdisciplinary Major Program.

Intra-University Transfer Application

Transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences from another undergraduate school at the University of Virginia is not automatic. To be admitted to the College, you must meet the criteria and follow the application procedure established for students transferring from your current school of enrollment. Click here for information. 

Intra-University Transfer Worksheet

Transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences from another undergraduate school at the University of Virginia is not automatic. To be admitted to the College, you must meet the criteria and follow the application procedure established for students transferring from your current school of enrollment. Click here for information. 

Late Schedule Request

To request an enrollment change after the applicable deadline, students must submit a Late Schedule Request. Follow the instructions on the form.

Part-Time Status Request

To request permission to enroll part-time for a semester, defined as no more than 6 credits, complete the Request for Part-Time Status Form and return it to your Association Dean's assistant in Monroe Hall. Questions about this process, and about the implications of being a part-time student, should be directed to your Association Dean.

Reduced Course Load Request

Full-time students in the College of Arts and Sciences completing fewer than 12 credits in a semester are considered to be carrying a reduced course load and will be placed on academic probation. Enrollment in fewer than 12 credits is permitted under extraordinary circumstances and only with the permission of the student's Association Dean.

Students in their final semester may appeal to their Association Dean for a reduced course load without incurring academic probation (full tuition and fees will be applied). Student athletes should email Rachel Most for the appropriate form.

Second Writing Requirement

The Statement of Completion of the Second Writing Requirement needs to completed only if the course used to fulfill the requirement is NOT listed on SIS as doing so. Students are encouraged to complete the Second Writing Requirement by the end of their sixth semester.

Student Information Form

For new first-year and transfer students only.

For purposes of academic advising, every entering College student is required to complete a Student Information Form. This information will be used only by your Academic Advisor and/or your Association Dean. All information is entered on a secure web site. Please be sure that all information entered is accurate.

You will be asked to write two 100-word paragraphs about (1) your academic interests and goals and (2) your academic strengths and weaknesses. Provide any additional information you feel may be of value to your advisor. You may want to prepare the answers ahead of time so that your form does not time out. Completing the form will take approximately 15 minutes. Once submitted, the form cannot be changed or updated.

If you have problems accessing the site or submitting the form please write to

The 6000 Form: Enrollment in Graduate-Level Courses

The College, with very few exceptions, adheres to the University’s course numbering system. Undergraduates are not to enroll in courses numbered higher than 5999. To request an exception, you should complete and submit the 6000 Form. Any other enrollments in courses numbered higher than 5999 will be cancelled.

Time Conflict Override Form

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences may not enroll in two classes that meet at the same time. However, if there is an extenuating circumstance that requires you to enroll in two courses that meet simultaneouslty, you may complete the Time Conflict Override form to request permission to enroll in both courses.

Transcript Request: Prior Institution

Students may use this form to request an unofficial copy of their transcript from a prior institution, as it was provided to the U.Va. College of Arts & Sciences.

Transcript Request: U.Va.

You can request your official U.Va. transcript in three different ways: on-line, by mail, or in person. See the Registrar’s Office website for more information.

Transfer of Credit, Domestic

Students must obtain permission from the College to enroll in courses at another institution and transfer academic credit back to the University to apply toward their degree program. This is done by submitting a Request for Transfer of Credit Form prior to enrolling in courses for transfer. Detailed guidelines and instructions are on the form.