Administrative Staff

All phone numbers have a 434 area code

Administrative Support Staff, Fiscal Assistant, Registrar, and Transfer Credit Evaluator

Richard, Adam

College Business Administrator

924-4956 | 102 Monroe Hall

Burke, Meredith

Transfer Credit Evaluator (Domestic Credit only)

924-8880 | 201-C Monroe Hall

Cullinane-Anthony, Bridget

Admin. Support to Deans Cole, Eaker & Zunz, and to Kelsey Johnson, Director of the Echols Scholars Program

924-3353 | 101 Monroe Hall

Holeman, Abigail

Academic Programs Manager; Study Abroad Transfer Credit

924-8870 | 106 Monroe Hall

Ishler, Lisa

Admin. Support to Deans Davé, Ozment, Seidel, and Smith

924-3350 | 101 Monroe Hall

Newman, Linda

Admin. Support to Associate Dean Most; and Deans Adams, Hadley and Lyons

924-8873 | 104 Monroe Hall

Odom, Clarence (Bo)

Academic Programs Manager

297-7976 | 261 Monroe Hall

O'Donnell, Erin

College Summer Programs Coordinator and Admin. Support to Dean Luedtke

924-8864 | 101 Monroe Hall

Paljug, Brian

Education & Outreach Specialist

924-5925 | 261 Monroe Hall

Reed, Robert Sean (Sean)

Fiscal Technician; Admin. Support to Dean von Daacke

924-8986 | 140 Monroe Hall

Updike, Judy

College Registrar

924-8867 | 138 Monroe Hall