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Bethany Bruno

Class of 2016

Michelle Cho

Class of 2016

Moran Chen

Class of 2015

Sage Morghan

Class of 2015

Robert Dewberry

Class of 2015

James Duke

Class of 2015

Shantell Bingham

Class of 2015

Aaron Ojalvo

Class of 2015

Pre-Med Student Adds Compassion to Her Passion for Science

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Ph.D. Student Sets Physics Record, Adopts a Grandparent

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Afghan Doctoral Student Finds a ‘Home’ in French Study

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Hollywood Vet Goes Academic in Unconventional Path to U.Va.

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James Duke Talks Finding his Passion in South Asian Studies

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Shantell Bingham Bridges Cultural Barriers with Research, Photos

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Grad Relishes Grand Tour of Monticello, U.Va. and the Humanities

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