New Transfer Student Guide: FAQ

The guide for enrolled transfer students contains advice on requirements and deadlines which are critical to completing your degree on time.


When can I enroll in classes?

The College of Arts & Sciences will contact you directly with information about fall course enrollment. Please continue to check your UVA email account for updates and instructions. When it is time to enroll in classes for next spring (and subsequent semesters), you will need to see your advisor to have your advising "hold" released. If you are a second-year transfer student, we will assign you an advisor this summer; if you enter as a third-year transfer student we expect you to declare a major upon arrival, at which point you will be assigned an advisor in your major.

What if I can’t get some of the courses I really want?

During the first semester, you may not get your first choice of classes. We do not save seats for transfer students in fall courses; therefore, it is important to have alternate selections in mind. If a course you wish to take is full in July, try adding the course though SIS when enrollment reopens in August. Returning students frequently change their schedules, and departments occasionally create new courses sections near the start of the semester. Continue to check SIS and its Schedule of Courses and add yourself to electronic waitlists if they are available. You may add and/or drop courses until the deadlines via SIS. After your first semester, you will have much higher priority access to SIS and thus a better chance to get into the courses you most desire. Be assured, however, that we have never had a case where a student failed to graduate in a timely fashion because of the inability to get needed courses.

May I enroll in UVA Summer Session this year?

YesWe encourage recently admitted transfer students to enroll in our summer session. Any credits earned during the summer will count toward your degree, including area, competency, and major requirements. You may also declare a major during the summer. As well, summer term does not count toward the number of full-time semesters you are allotted. Students have not only made significant academic progress this way, but they also find that it is an excellent way to adjust and orient themselves to University life. Finally, enrolling in summer session will not interfere with meeting a faculty advisor and selecting fall courses. If you are interested, email your full name and date of birth to the summer session email account ( State your interest in attending summer session and that you are a new transfer student in the College. Our Summer Session staff will help you register for summer courses. Summer Session staff is available to assist in the registration/enrollment process and to answer your questions. We hope that you will seriously consider summer enrollment. Click here to learn more about our summer session.

I’m a third-year transfer student and have not been assigned an advisor—why?

If you are entering UVA as a third-year transfer student, we expect you will declare a major during Summer OR at the very start of the Fall term. At that time, you will be assigned an advisor in your major. Please note that indicating an intended major on your admission application does not constitute declaring that major. Information about College majors may be found at the individual department web sitesUndergraduate program directors can provide useful advice prior to your declaring a major and having an advisor assigned.

When is the first academic meeting? When do I meet my Dean?

Dean Ozment conducts academic advising meetings with incoming students during the summer months and every semester thereafter.

If I can’t complete all my course work in my allotted semesters, can I stay for an additional full-time semester?

Permission to enroll for an additional full-time semester is not automatic and rarely approved. Therefore, you should not assume that you will have more than the usual number of full-time allotted semesters. If you need additional time to complete your degree, you may do so through Summer SessionJanuary-term or part-time enrollment during the fall or spring terms. If you feel you have mitigating circumstances, contact Dean Ozment during the fall.

Students entering as second-year transfers are allotted six full-time semesters, students entering as fourth-semester transfers are offered five full-time semesters, and students entering as third-year transfers have four full-time semesters available. Summer Session, however, does not count toward your allotted full-time semesters. In the next few weeks, you will receive an email that shows the number of full-time semesters you have been allotted. 

Should I worry if I miss a College deadline?

Yes! The College takes its deadlines very seriously; they have all passed review by the Faculty. If you miss the deadline for dropping a course for any reason, you must withdraw. If you miss the deadline for withdrawing from a course that you attended all semester, you must remain in the course and will receive a grade. For more information, see Schedule Changes, We also strictly observe the deadline to request a change in your exam schedule (allowed when you have 3 exams in a two-day period without an intervening day), and the deadline to file for an extension of time. For more information see Academic Policies.

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