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When do I declare my major?

College students must declare or defer declaring their major by the end of their 4th full time semester.

What steps do I take to declare my major?

  1. Visit your major department’s website
  • Check your department's website to make sure you have completed all of the prerequisites.
  • Look for special instructions – some departments have a unique process, so make sure you know what steps they require.
  • Make note of any deadlines for declaring the major.
  1. Reach out to the Departmental Contact for your major
  • Find your Departmental Contact.
  • Email the Departmental Contact to let them know you want to declare the major and to ask about the steps you need to take. 
  1. Submit the Declaration of Major Form

What if my desired major requires an application?

If your desired major requires an application, this will be noted on the major department website.  Please follow their application instructions and contact the department’s Director of Undergraduate Programs with questions. 

What does it mean to defer declaring your major?

If a student is entering their 5th semester and still needs to complete prerequisites for their intended major, they must enroll in the remaining prerequisites and submit a Deferral of Major form.

Can I defer declaring my major after my 5th full time semester?

No. If you have completed your 5th full time semester and are not able to declare a major, you must complete remaining prerequisites as a part time student or in summer session or J-term. Once you have completed these prerequisites and declared your major, you can enroll as a full time student. 

Is it possible to do two majors?

College students can complete (at most) two majors. Review these policies regarding double majors and minors.

What else do I need to know about College policies regarding majors?

Be sure to review these College policies regarding majors. 

Last updated: June 4, 2024
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