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Please see When and How to Declare your Major for policies and deadlines regarding major declaration. Other important policies are listed below.

What rules apply to majors in the College?

  • Credits applied toward a major may not also be applied toward a minor.
  • Courses used to meet general education requirements can also count toward your major.
  • Credits transferred from another university cannot be used to satisfy major requirements except with permission from the department. (Learn more about transferring credit to satisfy major requirements.)
  • Classes taken to fulfill major requirements must be taken for a grade (not Credit/No Credit).
  • College students may have two majors in the College. Non-College students may have one major in the College.
  • Pavilion Seminars may not be counted toward a major.

Are there special rules for double majors?

  • Students who double major must submit at least 18 credits in each major.
  • Credits applied toward one major may not be included in the core 18 credits of the other major, unless one or both majors is interdisciplinary.
  • No more than two courses can be counted simultaneously for two non-interdisciplinary majors.
  • You need the approval of both departments to count a course toward both majors. 
  • The second major must be declared by the add deadline of the semester in which you graduate.
  • Students who double major receive one diploma, but both majors are listed on the transcript.

Are there special rules for Interdisciplinary Majors?

  • An interdisciplinary major may share up to three courses with another major.
  • You need the approval of both departments to count a course toward both majors. 
Last updated: May 29, 2024
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