New Transfer Student Guide: Evaluation of Transfer Credit

The guide for enrolled transfer students contains advice on requirements and deadlines which are critical to completing your degree on time.


Submitting Your Transcript

To be admitted as a transfer student, you must submit to the Admission Office your official final transcript from each previous college or university, including the spring semester of this year.

We cannot complete transfer credit evaluations until we receive your final transcript with your spring term grades.  To expedite this process, ask your current school to send your transcript to our Office of Admission as soon as possible after your final grades are recorded. This remains your responsibility, and your admission to the university is not finalized until this step is completed.

If the Admission Office does not receive your official transcript with your final semester grades by the end of June, we cannot guarantee that we will have your transfer credit evaluation completed before Fall course enrollment.

Credit Evaluation Process

In general, we accept transfer credit for courses that are comparable to those we offer and in which you have earned a grade of “C” or better. We will award no more and may award fewer credit hours than the amount given by the sending school (in the case of institutions using a quarter system, three quarter-hours equal two semester credit-hours). We transfer credits only, not grades or grade-points. If you haven't already, you may wish to use the Transfer Credit analyzer tool to conduct a preliminary evaluation on your own. For a more complete description of the University’s policy on Transfer Credit, see the Undergraduate Record. Test scores must meet the College's standards in order to receive credit; test credits and curricular exemptions from your previous institution do not automatically transfer with you. Please check this website to verify test credit placements, and review the College's test credit policies here.

Please note: Credit earned expressly during Spring 2020 under P/F, CR/NC, S/U grading scales may transfer as X000T credit. Dual Enrollment writing and language courses also transfer to the College as X000T credit and appear in this analyzer with "DE" credit designations.

Expect to receive a secure letter from the College in your UVA email account when we have completed your course evaluation. For most students, this will happen sometime between mid-June and early August, depending upon when we receive your final transcript. As soon as we evaluate your transcript, we will notify you that we have posted your credit (see below for directions on checking your credit).

If you are a second-year student, we will also post on SIS the name of your Faculty Advisor. If you are a third-year student, your major department will assign you an advisor when you declare a major. If you have questions about your major, you should first research the curriculum on the department’s website and then contact the undergraduate director of your intended major program or department after we have evaluated your transfer credit. Most undergraduate directors and departmental advisors will be available to advise and answer student questions during the summer months.

As new transcripts or test scores become available, we may add or revise transfer or other non-UVA credit to your record. Rather than contacting Dean Ozment's office about additional credit that you expect, first please check your SIS student account.

At your "Student Center" find the drop down menu under "Academics" and click on "Transfer credit report." If we have received your transcript and evaluated your credits, then your evaluation of courses will be visible there. As noted above, this screen may change as we receive summer transcripts, AP or IB scores, dual enrollment courses, etc. If expected changes do not appear, it is very possible that we have not received any additional documentation. In this case, please request your previous school or the appropriate testing center to send your transcript to the College of Arts and Sciences at the address below.

If you believe we have made an error evaluating your transfer credit, you may request a review. To do this, forward a syllabus of the course in question to the "College Transfer Credit Evaluator" at P.O. Box 400133, Charlottesville, VA 22904 or send an email to Erin O'Donnell, the College Transfer Credit evaluator at

Final Offer of Admission

Once we receive your transcript and evaluate your credits, the Office of Admission will make your offer of admission final provided that your work in the spring term is commensurate with your previous performance.

Note: Course selection for the fall semester does not constitute matriculation. Students whose credentials are not complete by August 10 may be disenrolled from their courses and may have their registration canceled.

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