Course Data Change Form for Auditing Class (DocuSign)

This form will open on August 13, 2024 by 4:00pm for Fall 2024 courses.

The deadline for this form for a Fall 2024 course is 11:59pm on September 10, 2024. Forms must be submitted and approved by the instructor by the deadline. Forms which are not approved by the instructor by the deadline will be voided.

To enroll in a class under the "AUDIT" grading option or to change the grading option of a class to "AUDIT," A&S Undergraduates must submit this form via DocuSign before the ADD deadline. *Students will not be permitted to AUDIT a class unless there are seats available in the class.

Note: All other enrollment changes must be made using SIS. This includes adding courses for which instructor permission is required (via the SIS permission list) or for which the instructor has agreed to override a full class, wait list, course pre-requisite, or other restriction (via ad-hoc permission in SIS). The only exception is for enrolling under or changing to the AUDIT grading option, for which students should submit a Course Data Change Form before the ADD deadline. Enrollment changes (including swapping sections or changing grading options) that occur after the ADD deadline will need to be requested via the Late Schedule Change Request form on the College Forms page and may incur an enrollment penalty.