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Welcome! We are delighted you are joining our academic communities in The College of Arts and Sciences. We look forward to partnering with you as you explore the College's opportunities and further the development of your academic identities.

Summer Orientation New Student Portal

Visit the Summer Orientation New Student Portal frequently throughout the summer to complete important tasks to prepare for academic advising and enrollment in the College. The New Student Portal has important steps to help you plan throughout the summer as you prepare to join us on Grounds this fall!

Learn About the College

The College of Arts & Sciences has important academic dates and policy information

Getting Started

Information on AP/IB/Dual Enrollment and other Test Credit

World Language Requirement

Are you planning to continue with a World Language you studied in high school or at another college during your time at UVA? If so, click on these links below to learn about language placement and take the appropriate placement module to determine in what course you should enroll in a fall or spring semester.

Find more information about other languages and placement at these links:

Math Placement

View information on math placement.

Learn To Use SIS and Plan Your Schedule

Take some time to log into your Student Center in SIS and learn the Student Information System.

  • Plan your schedule using "Class Search" in SIS, add 15-20 College Classes to your shopping cart before you attend Summer Orientation.
  • You may add closed or wait listed classes to your shopping cart - there may be seats available during your course enrollment sessions.

Be Prepared for Course Advising and Enrollment During Summer Orientation

You must bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to use at Summer Orientation which is when you will enroll in your fall classes. (You will find it much easier to use a laptop than a smartphone.)

You will be assigned an enrollment appointment which will give you access to enroll in classes using SIS (the Student Information System). There will be academic deans, faculty advisors, and student orientation leaders who will assist with academic information and advice about fall course enrollment.

Watch this video to learn more about UVA Course Codes that will help you choose the most appropriate classes for your first semester.

Watch this video to learn how you will Browse for and Enroll In Classes in SIS

Consider Applying to the Summer Advancement Program

Once admitted, you may also explore the College's Summer Advancement Program for transfer students, a four-week summer program allowing students to get a head start on major prerequisites and/or general education requirements at no cost to students. More information can be found on our Summer Advancement Program page.

Last updated: June 4, 2024
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