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How do I receive credit for my Dual Enrollment Courses?

If you took college-level courses prior to completing your high school or secondary-level program—often known as “dual enrollment credit”—you should have a transcript sent in mid-June prior to the start of your first year. 

Send your transcript only after your spring dual enrollment grades are posted on your transcript.


If your school is mailing transcripts, please provide them with this address:

Office of the College Registrar 
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400133
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4133


If your school uses Parchment to send transcripts electronically, please select "The Undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences - University of Virginia" as the delivery destination.

National Student Clearinghouse

If you are using the National Student Clearinghouse, please use this email: [email protected].


The College will evaluate your transcript soon after receiving it. You can check your SIS Student Center to verify your credit after it has been posted. While you wait, you can use the Online Evaluator to do your own preliminary assessment.


If you have questions, please email or call the College Registrar at (434) 924-8867.

Key Information Concerning Dual Enrollment

Since you may not earn credit for the same course twice, if you repeat a course at UVA for which you have already received dual enrollment credit, you will lose your dual enrollment credit.

You may receive no more, and may receive fewer, than the number of credits earned at the host institutions.

You may not use dual enrollment credit to meet the First or Second Writing Requirement or the World Language Requirement, though such dual enrollment courses will count as elective credits toward your degree. Such credits will appear as 1000T or 2000T on your record.

If you have dual enrollment credit for language classes, you must still take a world language placement test before enrolling in your language class. Placement test scores will tell you which course or courses you must take at UVA to complete the World Language Requirement.

If interested, you may apply for Advanced First Writing Requirement Placement via Portfolio Review.  

Last updated: May 30, 2024
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