Summer Enrollment FAQ

FAQs for New Student Summer Enrollment Appointment

Q: What is my credit/unit cap today?
A: Your credit/unit cap is 13. Your credit/unit cap will increase in August to 17 credits. Until then, you can only enroll in a maximum 13 credits.

Q: Can I add a waitlist today?
A: Waitlists are not available for first-year students at this time. Waitlists will open on August 9.

Q: Can I change my pre-enrolled class?
A: Yes, you must use the "swap" feature in SIS to swap this class. You can swap your pre-enrolled class for any other class that is currently open.

Q: Am I required to meet with someone to enroll in my fall classes?
A: No, you enroll in your classes by yourself in SIS. This zoom session is for advising and technical questions only: (i.e., what courses you should take during the Fall and how to navigate SIS).