Early Degree Completion

The College of Arts & Sciences provides opportunities for students to obtain a degree in fewer than four years in certain Arts and Sciences majors/programs by combining credits earned through the Advanced Placement program of the College Entrance Examination Board, international exams, dual enrollment credits, credits earned by carrying more than 15 credits per semester, and attendance in at least one summer session, either here or elsewhere.

Students who are interested in graduating from the College in three years should inform their Association Dean and academic advisor early on of this plan.

Please also note the following:

  • The College never changes a degree date for a first-year student and we rarely change the date for a second year student.

  • We will adjust the date for third-year students who want to graduate a year early and we will also adjust change their enrollment time so they can get the classes they need as a “new” fourth-year student so they can graduate.

  • Once the request is made and the graduation date is moved up by a semester or a year, students cannot reverse it. They must finish their degree according to their new graduation date.