Education Abroad Information

Education Abroad

Eligible students work with their academic and education abroad advisors to select an appropriate program, to ensure award of academic credit for the work done abroad, and to prepare for the foreign experience through an extensive orientation program facilitated by the UVA International Studies Office (ISO).

Requests for transfer credit from international students returning to their home country to study in the summer will be treated like those from U.S. students who will be studying at U.S. institutions for transfer credit. Such students do not need to complete the standard education abroad process at the ISO.

University Policy on Student International Travel

Students must follow the University Policy on Student International Travel, which applies to all students traveling outside of the U.S. for University-related purposes.


These eligibility requirements apply both to direct credit programs and transfer credit programs under the auspices of another institution or organization. Participation in education abroad is on a competitive basis; acceptance may be based on criteria beyond minimum cumulative GPA.


  • Students may not study abroad in their first two semesters (fall/spring) at UVA with the exception of a Global First Program. New students are encouraged to apply for one of these programs (they began again in fall 2022).
  • Students in their first semester in a fall term may not study abroad in the subsequent spring semester; they may participate in a J-Term study abroad program, if accepted.
  • Students in their first semester in a spring term should talk with ISO about which summer programs are available to them.
  • Any student who wishes to go abroad in their 7th or 8th semester must secure approval from their Major Director/DUP and Association Dean. This is to confirm the student can graduate on time. Grades must be received by the College Registrar by the deadline (see academic calendar). Students accept the risk of not graduating on time if their grades, for any reason, are not received by the deadline set by the College Registrar.
  • Students on a Suspension in Abeyance are not eligible to study abroad; they must first regain Good Standing.

Academic Eligibility

  • Students in the College of Arts & Sciences who wish to study abroad must be in academic good standing and have a minimum 2.500 GPA at the time they apply to study abroad. Students planning to study abroad in their second year should carefully consider the possibility that they might not achieve the required 2.5 GPA in their first year and will be ineligible to study abroad.
  • Any student wishing to study abroad who is on academic probation or who does not have a cumulative 2.500 GPA at the point of application must submit a petition to study abroad to their Association Dean to be considered for an exception to College rules. Information on the appeal process may be found here.

Course Requirements While Studying Abroad

  • Students are expected to meet the College's long-standing criteria for good Academic Standing. Failure to do so will result in sanctions of Academic Probation or Suspension.
  • Students studying abroad may not be enrolled in any on-Grounds classes. This includes independent study classes, virtual classes, DMP classes, research classes, etc.
  • Like their full-time counterparts in Charlottesville, students participating in semester- or year-long education abroad programs (not summer programs) are expected to complete at least 12.0 credits each semester from their education abroad program.
  • Whether on direct credit programs or other approved programs, students who study abroad for a semester use one of the semesters of full-time study they are allotted.

Programs and Credit

The ISO offers a range of program types.

Direct Credit

In UVA direct credit programs, students enroll in UVA courses and receive grades. These courses may satisfy area and major requirements.

Transfer Credit

In transfer credit programs, students enroll in programs transcripted by other institutions. Grades do not transfer, although courses must be passed with a C or higher for the credit to be transferred back to UVA.

  • Credit from transfer credit education abroad programs may not be used to satisfy College area or competency requirements, except for the foreign language requirement. The foreign language requirement may be fulfilled with approved coursework in a country where the language is native.
  • Students must obtain approval from their department to transfer credit for a major or minor.
  • We strongly encourage students to select transfer credit programs from those supported by their department and listed in the database of programs maintained by the International Studies Office.
    • Approval is required for accredited programs not on the list of preapproved programs. Request approval by competing the "Petition" application through the ISO.

Obtaining Transfer Credit

Download the Transfer Credit Approval Form from your UVA Education Abroad application. Carefully review the instructions on the form prior to requesting approvals.

  • Students in the College may transfer elective (non-major) credits from programs approved by the ISO and also listed in the Transfer Credit Equivalencies for Select Study Abroad Programs database without the need to seek approval for each course from departments.
  • For final approval email [email protected] for approvals or with questions, or come by Monroe Hall room 106, during study abroad walk-in hours (see below). 
    • Fall 2023 Study Abroad Walk-in Office Hours:  Thursdays, 2pm-3pm
      • The week of Sept. 25 ONLY:   Walk-in hours, Tues. Sept. 26, 10-11am, Monroe Hall room 106
    • If you cannot make walk-in hours and would like to talk with someone about your study abroad transfer credit, please schedule an appointment here.  

After the conclusion of your program, ensure that a transcript is sent to Abigail Holeman (study abroad transfer credit evaluator):

     Abigail Holeman
     106 Monroe Hall
     248 McCormick Road
     P.O. Box 400133
     Charlottesville, VA 22904

Questions? Email [email protected]

Maximum Non-UVA Credits That Count Toward Degree Requirements

  • A maximum of 60 non-UVA credits from other universities, foreign study (the University’s direct credit programs exempted), advanced placement, international credit, or dual enrollment may count toward the 120 credits needed for the B.A. or B.S. degree in the College. All students must earn at least 60 credits at UVA.
  • Students should confer with their Association Dean in the College for more information.