Majors & Minors


Several majors require an application; almost all have prerequsites. Be sure to check both (see links below) BEFORE you select your third semester classes so you are well aware of the classes you need to take and the application deadline. If you have, questions, contact the relevant Director of the Undergraduate Program.
Below is a list of the available undergraduate degree programs offered by the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Virginia, including majors, minors and Distinguished Majors Programs. Items that appear indented below a UVA A&S program name are concentrations or other available degrees in that program.
To declare a major complete the following steps.
  1. Please visit the Declare a Major/Minor Contact page and find the department you would like to declare a major in. Contact the person listed for the department via email to determine what steps you need to follow to declare a major.
  2. Once you have worked with the department to determine what you need to do to declare a major in that department, please fill out the Declaration of Major form in DocuSign. Please make sure to enter in the Declare a Major contact's information in the name and email fields designated for that person.
  3.  DocuSign will send the completed form to the College Registrar in Monroe Hall 138. When the process is completed, you will receive a completed copy of the form. 

All non-College of Arts & Sciences students are limited to only one major and/or one minor in the College.

BA = Bachelor of Arts degree
BS = Bachelor of Science degree
DMP = Distinguished Majors Program
Record = Undergraduate Record