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Students can view enrollments any time in SIS. Learn more about how to use SIS by visiting the IT Services Website.

Official student schedules can only be found in SIS. Enrollments in other websites like Canvas or Stellic are not official and will not appear on transcripts unless they are also reflected in SIS.

Deadlines to Change Your Schedule

The College enforces all deadlines to add, drop, and withdraw from classes. You can view these deadlines for College classes anytime on the College calendar. See the UREG academic calendar for dates related to other schools at UVA.

The deadline to add, drop, or withdraw from a class is determined by the school that offers the class, not your primary school of enrollment. For example, a College student taking an Engineering class should follow Engineering’s academic calendar for that class.

You have until 11:59 PM (eastern) on the day of each deadline to make applicable changes. The time in SIS is enforced, regardless of the time displayed on your computer.

Add deadline

The last day to add a class to your schedule, swap classes, edit your enrollment, or change the credits/grading basis for an enrollment. This includes enrollments on an Audit basis.

Drop deadline

The last day to remove a class from your schedule and from your transcript.

Always confirm that your schedule is correct in SIS on this date.

Withdrawal deadline

The last day to remove a class from your schedule and receive a final grade of ‘W’ on your transcript.

After the withdrawal deadline, you will earn a final grade in accordance with the grading basis and syllabus for the course.

You cannot withdraw from EGMT courses.

To withdraw from the university, contact your Advising Dean.

Enrollment Requirements and Options


You must attend the first scheduled class meeting after you have enrolled or you may be removed from the class, unless you are told otherwise by the course instructor. Some classes do not allow you to enroll after the first week has passed (e.g. KINE, KLPA, SPAN, FREN, and ITAL subject courses). Each class has its own attendance policy and you may be removed from the class for violating it.


Many class require that you have already passed other classes with satisfactory grades, that you have officially declared a certain major, minor, or concentration, or that you are currently enrolled in other specific classes. While SIS will normally check for these requirements when you enroll, departments may remove you from a class if they find that you do not meet the requisites.

Grading Basis

You may choose to enroll in certain classes as Graded or Credit/No Credit. If a class offers both grading options, you can freely choose between the two in SIS until the Add deadline passes. Classes taken as Credit/No Credit cannot be used to satisfy most degree requirements. Consult with your advisor if you are unsure about a class’s grading basis.

In order to Audit a class, you must get permission from the instructor and submit the Course Data Change form. The instructor must sign the form by the Add deadline. You can do this before or after enrolling in the class.

Number of Credits

If a class section has variable credits, you can choose to enroll in any number of credits within the permitted range, unless you would exceed 18 credits. By default, SIS will select the lowest number of possible credits.

Some degree requirements can only be satisfied with a certain number of credits from a class. Consult with your advisor if you're unsure about your degree requirements.

Credit Load

As a full-time student, you are required to enroll in at least 12 credits for each Fall/Spring semester.

To drop below 12 credits, submit a Reduced Course Load form by the drop deadline. To withdraw below 12 credits, you can request to withdraw in SIS before the withdrawal deadline. Continue to attend class until your drop/withdrawal is confirmed.

SIS will not allow you to enroll in more than 18 credits on your own. To enroll in 19-21 credits, submit a Credit Hour Overload form by the add deadline. You cannot exceed 21 credits in one semester.

Waitlist and Closed Classes

Once all seats in a class section are filled, the class is closed and cannot accept any further enrollments unless a student drops. Most sections open their waitlist when this happens. At set times throughout the day, SIS will try to fill any empty seat by moving students from the top of the waitlist into the class. SIS will not enroll you from the waitlist if you do not meet all of the requirements, if the class doesn’t fit in your schedule, or if you would exceed your credit limit.

The College does not provide closed class overrides nor make changes to any waitlists.

Last updated: June 4, 2024
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