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How do I declare a minor?

After you declare your first major, you can declare up to two minors outside of your major subject(s).  You should start the process by contacting the department or program that offers the minor.  

Once you have completed any preliminary tasks required by your minor department, you will submit the Declaration of Major or Minor Form.

Note: If you are not a College of Arts and Sciences student, please consult with your own school before considering a College minor. You are governed by the rules of your school; the information below is intended for College students.

Is it possible to do two minors?

Yes, with careful planning students can complete two minors in addition to their major. At least one of your minors must be offered within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Can a College student have a minor outside the College?

A College student can declare a minor in another undergraduate school at UVA if that school allows. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If a College student has two minors, at least one of them must be a College minor.
  • College students have to earn at least 108 of their 120 total credits in College classes. Classes taken in other schools count toward the 12 non-College credits that can be counted for a College degree. Your Academic Requirements Report in SIS can help you keep track of your College versus non-College credits. (Note: Some classes taken for the Urban and Environmental Planning minor in the School of Architecture may count as College-equivalent classes if students complete the minor.)

What is the deadline for declaring a minor?

College students must declare their minor by the ADD deadline of their next-to-last semester (usually the 7th semester).

What other policies concerning minors should I be aware of?

  • To count a class toward your minor, you must take it for a grade (not Credit/ No Credit or Audit).

  • Classes used to satisfy a minor requirement cannot also be used to satisfy requirements for a major or different minor.

  • Most classes used to satisfy your Second Writing Requirement or Disciplines Requirements may also be used to satisfy minor requirements.

  • World language courses through 2020, PORT 2120, FREN 2320, and CHIN 2060 may not satisfy any minor requirements.

  • Classes used to satisfy the minor cannot be transferred from another institution unless you have special permission from the department. 

Last updated: June 6, 2024
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