Full-time and Part-time Enrollment Status

In order to be considered enrolled at the University of Virginia, students must, by the stated deadlines:

  • Be enrolled in all classes by the College of A&S add deadline
  • Meet with relevant office to have all holds removed
  • Pay all bills 

Separate criteria may apply for tuition, fees, and financial aid.

The forms to apply for a reduced course load or for part-time status are found here.

Full Time, Reduced Course Load (Enrollment in Fewer Than 12 Credits)

Full-time students carrying fewer than 12 credits in the College of Arts and Sciences are considered to be carrying a reduced course load and will be placed on academic probation. Enrollment in fewer than 12 credits is permitted under extraordinary circumstances and only with the permission of the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office.

Students in their final semester may appeal for a reduced course load without incurring Academic Probation (full tuition and fees will be applied).

Temporary Part-Time Status (Enrollment in 6 or fewer credits)

University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences students who wish to carry 6 or fewer credits for a semester may do so with the permission of their dean. Students must submit the Request for Part-Time Study Form by the add deadline. The following rules apply:

  • Undergraduate students who have obtained such permission are restricted to taking no more than 6 credits in a semester.
  • Students are limited to a maximum of 16 total credits taken as a part-time student.
  • If as student also takes six or more credits at another college or university, the term will count as one of the eight full-time semesters allotted.
  • Part-time students are not eligible for the College of Arts & Sciences Deans' List.
  • To earn Good Standing part-time students must earn a 1.8 semester GPA.
  • The application for part-time study must be received before the ADD deadline of the semester in which the request is being made.
  • Tuition is charged per credit (no more than 6 credits).
  • First-semester, first-year students and new transfer students may not enroll part-time. Part-time status is mostly for students completing a degree after 8 semesters or for those who need to catch up on credits or requirements.
  • All students require permission of the Association Dean.

Students who have completed their allotted 8 full-time semesters and all requirements for the degree may not continue on as part-time students ​if they do not need additional classes to graduate. They may also not add a major or a minor to extend their time in the College. They will be placed in "applied for graduation" status. Students who wish to continue taking classes may apply to do so as Citizen Scholars through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies; click here for more information.

Permanent Part-Time Study

The University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences offers a very restricted and limited part-time degree option. Applicants are required to have completed two years of College undergraduate work at U.Va. However, we will also consider applications from UVA first- and second-year students whose personal circumstances warrant it. Students should contact their Association Dean.

Part-time undergraduate students are not eligible for the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s List. Their satisfactory progress is assessed on an individual basis, but they will receive an academic warning and may be subject to the College’s standard rules regarding academic suspension if their GPA falls below 1.8.

After earning 54 hours, undergraduate students are expected to have a declared major on record and to be in Good Standing at UVA in order to continue as a part-time degree student.