Course Load Requirements & Restrictions

Minimum and Maximum Credits Per Semester

Students must carry an average of 15 credits during each of their allotted eight semesters unless they have earned advanced placement or other credits before they arrive here, or unless they plan on attending a Summer Session. A minimum course load consists of 12 credits per semester and a maximum consists of 17. Students may not enroll in more than 21 credits.

NOTE: Students are restricted to 15 credits until the initial course enrollment period has ended. For spring enrollment in fall classes, students must wait until early August and the end of Summer Orientation to add more than 15 credits.

No more than 24 of the 120 credits required for the degree may be earned on a CR/NC basis; transfer students are subject to different rules; click here for more information.

Starting approximately one month before the start of each semester, SIS (the Student Information System) will not allow students to drop below the minimum. Audit credits do not count toward degree requirements but are counted by SIS towards the maximum limit.

Students are expected to remain in Good Academic Standing. Failure to carry the minimum of 12 credits for any reason, including illness or other personal circumstances (see below), will result in an Academic Probation. In addition, to earn good standing, students must also earn a minimum semester GPA of 1.800 and have no more than one grade below C-.

Exceptions to Minimum and Maximum Credits Per Semester

In the event of illness or unusual personal circumstances students may adjust their schedule to carry fewer than 12 credits. However, students will still be put on Academic Probation for "low hours". This request must be approved by the Association Dean via a written Petition form, available in 101 Monroe Hall.

Course loads of greater than 17 credits must also be approved by the Association Dean using the Credit Hour Overload form, found on the College forms webpage. Students found to be enrolled in more than 17 credits without the permission of the Dean will be removed from the last class(es) added. Permission will not be granted to enroll in more than 21 credits.

Eligibility for Honors

In order to be a candidate for Intermediate Honors, a student must earn 60 credits prior to the fifth semester. No more than 12 of the 60 required credits may be earned on a CR/NC basis. Furthermore, students must have remained in good academic standing, advanced placementdual enrollment and transfer credits do not count toward the required credits.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

For rules on financial aid eligibility consult the Student Financial Services Financial Aid web page.