Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Credit

Requesting AP Credit

The College will not accept any test scores from the August 2021 test - our term will have started and you cannot miss fall orientation and/or classes to take the test.
Students cannot take an AP exam once they are in college.

The University of Virginia awards

  • Advanced standing credit (course exemption and academic credit hours) or
  • Advanced placement (course exemption but no credit hours)

to entering students who have qualifying scores on the Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Students may receive credit in any academic discipline in which an AP test is offered so long as they take the test before the end of their senior year of high school.

Students may also earn course exemption (without credit) for qualifying scores on the SAT II Subject Tests in

  • English composition
  • Foreign language

The College of Arts and Sciences offers possible advanced-standing credit for certain College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations.  Please check this website often to verify credit award policy.

High school students should have their AP score reports sent directly to the Office of Admission at the University (College Code 5820) in the summer following the senior year of high school.

Questions regarding Advanced Placement policies and procedures should be directed to:
   Office of Admission
   University of Virginia
   P. O. Box 400160
   Charlottesville, VA 22904
   (434) 982-3200

After matriculation, students should direct questions to the College Registrar's office in 138 Monroe Hall or via email ([email protected]). If after August 1 of your first-year your AP credits are not showing in SIS you should:

1. Contact the College Registrar in 138 Monroe Hall to see if the College can retrieve them.
2. If the College cannot retrieve your scores you should have them sent to you, not to the University or the College. Once you receive the hard copy, bring it in the sealed envelope to the College Registrar in 138 Monroe Hall.

You may view your AP credits by going to the SIS. You can view the equivalency chart here.

The College reserves the right to change these policies prior to the student's matriculation.
Credit awarded may change as the College and departments review examinations and related material. Please check this website often to verify credit award policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive credit for a course I take at the University if I already have Advanced Placement credit for it, or if I have been exempted without credit?

No. If you take such a course here, your AP credit will be removed. If you have placed out of a course (without having received credit), you may not take that course for degree credit. Consult your Association Dean during Fall Orientation about special circumstances. You cannot earn credit for the same class twice.

How can I apply the AP credits I earned before coming to U.Va. and how can I apply my SAT II test scores?

Based upon your standardized test scores (SAT II Tests, AP Tests, A-level, and IB exams), University of Virginia world language diagnostic scores, transfer credit from other universities, and/or dual enrollment credit, you are in the position to take more advanced courses and perhaps graduate in less than 8 semesters. AP test scores and dual enrollment courses taken PRIOR to matriculation may count toward fulfilling the College's area requirements.

You must make sure that the College has your test scores and transcripts as soon as possible, although you may have them added after you arrive. If your Faculty Advisor has no record of your test scores when you meet during Fall Orientation, stop by 138 Monroe Hall and speak with the College Registrar.