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What is Academic Warning?

A student incurs Academic Warning if, in a given semester, they do not meet the criteria for Good Academic Standing.

Good Academic Standing

Learn about the criteria for Good Academic Standing in the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA.

What do I do if I incur Academic Warning?

If you have incurred Academic Warning in the College, your Advising Dean will reach out to you. It is important to respond to their outreach because they want to help you get back on track. 

You will work together to develop an academic success plan. This plan might include seeking help from other support offices, such as CAPS or SDAC; utilizing tutoring or peer-led learning programs; working with the College Life Skills Coach; or setting up regular check-ins with your professors, teaching assistants, and Advising Dean.

What resources can help me get back on track academically?

We believe that all UVA students are capable of succeeding. Your Advising Dean can help you figure out what resources will support you as you get back on track. 

Sometimes students experience academic difficulty because they are dealing with a personal, family, or health issue. Student Health and Wellness, the Care and Support Services Team, the Student Disability Access Center, and the Women's Center are all good places to find support.  

Sometimes students have a difficult time adjusting to the demands of college life. The College Life Skills Coach can help you with time management, procrastination, study skills, and more. The College also offers an excellent class for students looking for ways to thrive in College: LASE 3510 Live and Learn: A Guide to Academic Resilience.

There are many resources to help you succeed at UVA, and your Advising Dean can help you find them! 


What are the consequences of Academic Warning?

When students do not earn Good Academic Standing for two consecutive semesters, they are subject to Academic Suspension. For this reason, it is important for you to work closely with your Advising Dean when you first incur Academic Warning. Your dean will help you put together an academic plan for the semester that will help you feel confident that you can get back in Good Academic Standing.

Students on Academic Warning who withdraw or take a leave of absence are eligible to re-apply for re-admission. They return on Academic Warning and must attain Good Academic Standing the semester they return. If they do not, then they will be subject to suspension by virtue of two consecutive semesters on Academic Warning.

New students who earn Academic Warning in their first year at UVA—whether first-year students or transfer students—are required to enroll in a one-credit academic support class in the following semester.

When you are not in Good Academic Standing, this can affect other things, like your financial aid or athletic eligibility. Make sure that you are working with other relevant offices, like Student Financial Services, so that you understand the consequences of your academic standing.

Academic Warning notation does appear on your advising transcript in SIS, but it will not appear on your official UVA transcript. 

Last updated: June 6, 2024
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