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Small Research and Travel Grants are for students conducting research, engaging in artistic activities, or presenting their own research at professional conferences. The amount of these awards varies each cycle but is typically capped at $1,500. 

Students must be in Good Academic Standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000. 

Grant proposals are accepted on a seasonal basis with two annual deadlines: November 15 and March 15.

All research and travel must be completed while a student is enrolled and matriculating at UVA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Students apply for Small Research & Travel Grants through AcademicWorks, an online scholarships management system. 

Please navigate to AcademicWorks to complete the College of Arts & Sciences Deans’ Scholarships application under the ‘My Applications’ tab within the system. Search for the Small Research & Travel Grants by entering “travel” in search. 

The AcademicWorks system typically opens for submissions one month before the deadline in each cycle.

Do I need to include a budget?

Every grant application must include a detailed and itemized budget. Applicants must upload the CLAS Grant Budget Template saved as a PDF file using the filename CLAS Budget_lastname_first initial_20XX.pdf (where XX indicates application year).



What if my project involves travel abroad?

If your project involves travel abroad, you must start the International Studies Office clearance process before you submit your application and you must have their final travel clearance before grant award funds may be distributed to you.

What if my project involves Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval?

If your project requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, you must have final IRB approval before grant funds will be distributed to you.

Can I submit two applications for funding in the same application cycle?

If you would like to submit a second application for a different research or travel grant proposal in the same cycle, please use this AcademicWorks link to access the second application.

Essential Information for a Successful Application

  • Conference Travel: If you are seeking funds to travel to a conference to deliver a conference presentation, include your conference presentation acceptance notice with your application. If you have not been accepted by the application cycle deadline, simply wait until the next cycle in the fall. If your presentation has not yet been accepted, it will not receive funding.
  • Budget: Please include a detailed budget that has clear itemization. If you are requesting funds for air travel, include a dated price quote directly from 2 different airlines. You must use the UVA state per diem rate (not the federal one) for daily expenses. Use public transportation whenever available. If your project requires more than $1,500 in funds (i.e., the maximum the Small Grants give out to any project), detail the entire budget and then highlight which items you expect the Small Grant to cover.
  • Letters of Support: Letters of Support are not merely endorsements of you as a student. They need to come from UVA faculty who have background relevant to the project and who have specific knowledge of your project as your mentor. 
  • Individual grant applications should not include asks for separate events (for example, conference travel and a research project). Submit separate applications for each specific event or project.
  • Group Projects: If more than one student is seeking Small Grant funds for a single research project, each student must submit a separate Small Grant application.
  • Small Grants may not be used to fund travel for or related to internships, nor used in conjunction with coursework, certificate programs, or workshops.

Incomplete applications or applications that do not follow submission guidelines will not be considered.

As you prepare your application materials, do not hesitate to contact Bridget Cullinane-Anthony with your questions. It is always better to ask in advance.

Last updated: June 5, 2024
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