Appeals and Grievances from Students


Students may appeal most negative decisions about enrollment, final grades, or general academic policies in the College according to the procedures which follow. Only students may submit appeals. Appeals must be made in a timely manner - within one semester. Students should consult with their Association Dean for details. 

Adds, Drops and Course Enrollment Deadlines

Students who wish to appeal penalties attached to missed deadlines should contact their Association Dean.

Grading and Classroom Issues

Grade appeals may only relate to the process of how the final grade was computed and not the quality of a student’s work. Appeals of the grading process may result in a lower grade being awarded.

Students who wish to appeal a grade or other classroom issue must first attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor of the course. Absent a satisfactory outcome, the student may appeal to the relevant department chair or program director.

If this path proves unsuccessful in the resolution of the matter, the student may appeal to a Committee of Associate Deans in the College of Arts & Sciences. The written appeal should be addressed to the Committee on Final Grade Appeals and mailed to or dropped off with the College of Arts & Sciences, Monroe Hall, P.O. Box 400133. Students have one term beyond when a grade posted to submit an appeal. The appeal of a grade from a course offered during a student's final term before graduation must be appealed before graduation.

Please send your full written appeal to [email protected] AFTER you have tried to resolve the situation with the instructor and the Department Chair.

Appealing College Rules

Students whose petitions for exemption from College rules have been denied by the Association Deans may appeal to the Committee on Faculty Rules (CFR). CFR consists of faculty members who are not Association Deans.

Students must consult with their Association Dean on what information is needed to appeal further. All materials for a CFR appeal should go directly to the Association Dean who will submit the appeal.