New Transfer Student Guide: 10 Things You Need to Know

The guide for enrolled transfer students contains advice on requirements and deadlines which are critical to completing your degree on time.

New Transfer Student Guide

  1.  Attend College transfer student Orientation in January.
  2. Learn the College Deadlines (see the calendar) and pay attention to them. Verify your course enrollments BEFORE the drop deadline.
  3. Fulfill any remaining area requirements, especially the First Writing and Foreign Language requirements, as soon as possible.
  4. Get to know your instructors. Make use of their office hours and introduce yourself.
  5. Plan your program carefully. All students are limited in the number of full-time semesters allotted. You may finish your degree during Summer Session if you need to do so.
  6. See Ms. Ozment if you are a third-year student and are unable to declare your major within the first two weeks of the spring semester.
  7. You must complete all remaining College area requirements at UVa.
  8. Don't repeat courses for which you have already received credit.
  9. Be sure to meet with your faculty advisor during the first week of classes.
  10. Second-year students will be assigned an advisor; third-year students need to declare a major upon arrival and will then be assigned an advisor in their major

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