World Language Requirement FAQ



Please watch this short introductory video to learn the basics about the World Language Requirement. 



What Languages are taught at UVa?

American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Maya K'iche', Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Swahili, Tibetan, Turkish, and Urdu.

What do I need to fulfill the World Language Requirement?

You have Options! Check out this FAQ video to learn more. 

All students in the College must have a score from an SAT II test, AP credit, the online placement or from a  World Language Placement diagnostic to enroll in a language course. Students who plan to start a new language can go ahead and register for the appropriate 1010 course. For Fall 2022 language placement information, please click here.

*Placement for Spanish, Italian, French and German for Fall 2022 will be updated May 1, 2022*

Other Language placement diagnostics available online:

How can I request disability accommodation for meeting the World Language Requirement?

Students who are diagnosed by approved services as having specific learning disabilities, either before or after their admission to the University, should contact their Association Dean for information on accommodation. Detailed information can be found on the Disability Accommodation page.

Who can I contact for World Language Requirement information?

For questions on languages taught at UVA, placement, etc, please consult the  World Language Coordinator Directory

For Languages not taught at UVA, please contact Dean Melissa Frost (434 924 3351)

How do I take a World Language placement diagnostic?

Only French, German, Italian, Latin, Persian, and Spanish placement are offered online. All other placement will take place over the summer before classes begin. Please visit the World Language Placement page for information on each language. 

As if May 1 2022, the online diagnostics for French, German, Italian, and Spanish will be completed through PLACE. If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student, please make sure to take the diagnonist 10 days before your summer enrollment and advsing date. 


Other language diagnostics online available online:


Each diagnostic can be taken only once; taking the placement more than once is an honor violation.


How can I request credit for Advanced Placement test scores?

See the Advanced Placement Exam Credit webpage.

If you do not have AP or UVA online placement and are waiting to complete a placement diagnostic in another language, then you will have to make your best guess as to which language section you think you will place into for your schedule. You must adjust your schedule once you complete UVA placement over the summer. 

How can I request credit for international college-level exams, including International Baccalaureate (IB)?

See the International College Level Exam Credit webpage.

What if I speak a language not taught at UVA?

If you master a language not taught at UVa at the native-speaker level, you may request an exemption from the World Language Requirement. Please note, you must demonstrate mastery across all four modes of langauge: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. 

For questions and information about languages not taught at UVA and the exemption request process, please contact Dean Melissa Frost, (434) 924-3351.

Where can I find more about Language communities and other resources at UVa?

We have a vibrant multilingual community at UVa! 

Shea House offers a semi-immersive language/culture living experience, which is a great opportunity for language students! We also have a French House and a Spanish House. The Institute of World Languages (IWL) offers helpful information about languages offered at UVA, as well as grant opportunities and language-related events. Language Commons is a hub for language-related events and organizations, located in New Cabell Hall. 

What is the World Language Requirement for transfer students?

To meet the World Language Requirement, transfer students must complete a sequence of courses through the intermediate level (usually 2020) in a language taught at UVA Students may also be tested in a language not taught at the University by obtaining a referral from Dean Ozment.

Any student who has completed the equivalent of four semesters of college-level language study will have fulfilled our requirement. This can be accomplished with:

  • The completion of the intermediate level of a language at your previous school after taking four semesters or after placement
  • AP or SAT II test scores that grant exemption (check the Language Placement Index for the exact qualifications)
  • Qualifying scores from Higher Level IB exams (see International Exams)

If you have not completed your World Language Requirement, you must begin to do so as soon as you arrive and continue every semester until the requirement is finished. Generally, previous college world language study will place you above the 1010 level:

  • One semester of college work places a student into the 1020 level
  • Two semesters of college work places a student into the 2010 level
  • Three semesters of college work places a student into the 2020 level

You should verify your placement by contacting the appropriate World Language Coordinator or by referencing the World Language Placement Index.