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Final Exams Schedule

Final exams are given during a designated period of time at the end of each semester. Final exams can only be given at the times listed on the UREG website published each semester. Exams in classes that do not fit the regular class times listed on the UREG exam schedule are scheduled by the instructor to avoid conflicts as best as possible and allowing for individual arrangements.

Unexcused absence from a final exam may result in a grade of F in the class.

Rescheduling Final Exams

Faculty members are not authorized to change the scheduled times of their final exams. Such changes may be authorized only by the Dean’s Office, and then only for compelling reasons. All students must have the opportunity to take the exam at the time listed on the UREG web site

Postponing a Final Exam or Requesting an Extension of Time/ Incomplete Grade

When genuinely serious conditions exist, students, with the consent of the course instructor, may be allowed to postpone a final exam until later in the final exam period, or to take an Extension of Time (Incomplete Grade) and take their exam after the final exam period. However, students are not permitted to take a final exam before its regularly scheduled time.

Students who are granted an extension of time have four weeks from the end of final exams to complete the remaining course work.

To request an exam postponement or an extension of time, a student must submit, with the instructor's recommendation, a Final Exam Postponement Form or the Incomplete Grade (Extension of Time) Form to their Advising Dean.

The criteria for requesting a final exam postponement are:

  • Three exams scheduled on two consecutive days
  • Four or five exams scheduled on two consecutive days
  • Two exams scheduled at the same time
  • Serious and extenuating other circumstances

For the current semester’s deadlines for changing a final exam, see the College academic calendar.


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Last updated: June 3, 2024
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