Declaration of Major/Minor Contacts

To officially declare a major in Arts & Sciences the College Registrar will need to receive a completed Declaration of Major form through DocuSign (which can be found on the College Student Forms page). The form will need to be approved by the department before it is routed to the College Registrar in DocuSign. Before you start filling out any forms, please reach out to the Declaration of Major Contact in the department that you would like to declare a major in. Departments may have different steps in their processes and you need to make sure that you are following those processes as the department specifies.

Failure to contact the Declaration of Major Contact may result in your form being rejected or voided as incomplete.

To declare a Minor you will need to check with the department contact below to confirm the department's procedure.

African-American and African Studies

Lisa Shutt
[email protected]

American Sign Language

Gregory Propp
[email protected]

American Studies

Jack Hamilton
[email protected]


Adria LaViolette
[email protected]


Tyler Jo Smith
[email protected]


Art History
Eric Ramirez-Weaver
[email protected]

Studio Art
Akemi Ohira
[email protected]

Astronomy, Astronomy-Physics

Steven Majewski (Undergraduate B.S. Astronomy-Physics Major Advisor)
[email protected]
434-924-4893 | Astronomy Building 251B

Ed Murphy (Undergraduate B.A. Astronomy Major Advisor)
[email protected]

Paul Torrey (Astronomy Minors Advisor)
[email protected]

Bioethics (minor only)

Nichole Flores
434-243-3937 | Gibson Hall, S-433


Lisa Ishler
[email protected]

Biology, Human

Michael Timko
[email protected]


Cindy Knight
[email protected]


Coulter George
[email protected]

Cognitive Science

Eric Dynarski
[email protected]

Computer Science

Please read before contacting anyone regarding a Computer Science major.
Tom Horton
[email protected]


L. Douglas Grissom
[email protected]
434-243-7752 | Drama Building 211

East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures & East Asian Studies

Anri Yasuda
[email protected]



Before you start the DocuSign process, please visit for information on declaring an English major. If you understand the major requirements and do not need assistance filling out the declaration form, you may do so and submit the form without contacting Prof. Andrew Stauffer in advance.

Susan Fraiman
[email protected]

Area Program in Poetry Writing
Brian Teare
[email protected]
434-924-6619 | Bryan Hall 433

Area Program in Literary Prose
James Livingood
[email protected]
434-924-6675 | Bryan 422B

Environmental Sciences

To declare a major in Environmental Sciences, you will need to meet with one of the faculty members below.  Please determine which day/time coincides best with your schedule before reaching out. If none of the listed times work, please contact Robert Davis ([email protected]) to make alternative arrangements.

Robert Davis
386B Clark
924-0579, [email protected]
Monday, 2:30–4:00 p.m.

Charity Nyelele
212 Clark
924-0563, [email protected]
Tuesday, 3:30–4:30 p.m.

Matt Reidenbach
356 Clark
243-4937, [email protected]
Wednesday, 10–11 a.m.

Lauren Miller
205 Clark
924-3964, [email protected]
Thursday, 2–3 p.m.

Environmental Thought and Practice

Paul Freedman
[email protected] 



Julia Gutterman
[email protected]

Global Studies

Global Public Health

Tracey Brookman
[email protected]

Global Development Studies

David Edmunds
[email protected]

Security and Justice

Peter Furia
[email protected]

Environments and Sustainability

Phoebe Crisman
[email protected]

Middle East South Asia

Tessa Farmer
[email protected]

Global Commerce in Culture and Society

Richard Handler
[email protected]


Jennifer Sessions
[email protected]

Interdisciplinary Major

Shawn Lyons
[email protected]


Linda Newman
[email protected]

Jewish Studies

Jennifer Geddes
[email protected]

Latin American Studies

Linda Newman
[email protected]



To Declare a Major/Minor:

Media Studies

Julie Gronlund
[email protected]

Medieval Studies

Deborah McGrady
[email protected]

Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages and Cultures         

Tishanna Johnson
[email protected]





For information about declaring a major or minor in Physics, please visit, or email [email protected].


Political and Social Thought

Political Philosophy, Policy and Law

Colin Bird
Gibson Hall S495


Portuguese (minor only)

Linda Newman
[email protected]


Religious Studies

Slavic Languages and Literatures


South Asian Languages and Cultures

See Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages and Cultures above


Linda Newman
[email protected]


For information about declaring a major or minor in Statistics, please visit
For any questions not answered in the Undergraduate section of the Statistics Department website, please visit 

Women, Gender & Sexuality