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At the University of Virginia, students are expected to accept the responsibility of attending classes regularly and promptly. 

Instructors are encouraged to state their policy on attendance on their syllabi. Please read all syllabi carefully to make sure that you understand your instructors' policies. Even if there are no stated penalties for absences, regular and prompt attendance is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best educational experience in a class. Instructors who do take attendance in class may refer students whose attendance record they consider unsatisfactory to the Advising Deans.  

Absences traditionally excused are those that occur because of hospitalization, serious illness, death in a student’s family, important religious holidays, or authorized University activities (field trips, University-sponsored athletic events, or the like). 

Students anticipating the need to be absent are expected to communicate with the instructor in a timely manner. The instructor is not obligated to allow students to make up missed work; it is the instructor’s decision, not the Advising Dean's, whether students may be allowed such a privilege. 

Neither the Student Health and Wellness Center nor Advising Deans issue excuses for class absences or missed assignments. Only when students are unable to contact instructors themselves (e.g., debilitating illness, family emergencies, or other pressing personal circumstances) do the Advising Deans send notification to instructors; otherwise, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate directly with the instructor regarding absence from class. 

Last updated: May 31, 2024
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