Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE) & Exploring the Liberal Arts (ELA) Classes

Spring 2024 Classes

ELA has courses on study skills, leadership, College resources and making the most of your liberal arts degree. These classes count as part of the 18 non-College credits you are allowed.  NOTE: Students entering in fall 2021 will be limited to 12 non-College credits.
LASE classes are liberal arts seminars offered on a range of topics; see below.

Note: LASE classes count as College credit; ELA classes count as non-College credit (effective fall 2015).

Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE)

LASE 2400 Hoos Got This: Life Skills and Learning Strategies | Section 001 (Christy Rotman and Justin Mueller)
Looking for fresh time management strategies?
Want more research-backed, effective, and efficient study strategies?
Experienced academic difficulty? Need a reset? 

Through this asynchronous, web-based course (in Canvas) you will explore habits of mind and practical strategies that can immediately apply to other courses you are taking this semester, making it a strategic compliment to any course enrollment. Course topics include the science of learning, learning and time management strategies, procrastination, metacognition, and more. Additionally, this course will facilitate your utilization of strategic university resources that offer student support. Largely self-directed, students will have some opportunities to interact with fellow classmates and instructors through assignment submissions, discussion forums and optional office hours meetings. This is a one-credit, asynchronous class offered for CR/NC only.
Please note: Students enrolling in LASE 2510 should not simultaneously enroll in LASE 3510 Academic Realities and Strategies for Success. This class can also not be repeated. 

LASE 2510 Music and Identity | Section 002 (Justin Mueller)

In this course, we will explore how music consciously or unconsciously shapes how we see ourselves and others, as well as how we relate to local and global listening communities. It is meant to encourage self-reflection, develop analytical reading strategies for difficult texts, foster conversation, and deepen your understanding of the role that the arts and humanities play in our lives. Over the course of the semester we will consider the rise of international music fandoms; video game music and nostalgia; studies of race, gender, and sexuality; connections between musical taste and class; and other topics besides.

LASE 3510 Academic Success Strategies | Section 001 and 002 (Jennifer LaFleur)

This is a 1-credit, graded course, open to all but especially designed to support students who have struggled academically in the previous semester. Through a combination of reflective and hands-on activities, discussion, and use of university resources, you will clarify your current goals, motivations, and obstacles; identify and practice habits that best suit your unique needs; and, most importantly, build confidence in your ability to adapt to life’s inevitable hurdles, academic and otherwise. This class is offered in person for 1 graded credit. 
Please note: Students enrolling in LASE 3510 “Academic Realities and Strategies for Success” should not simultaneously enroll in LASE 2400 “Hoos Got This”. This class can also not be repeated.

LASE 3559 – Fundamentals of Academic Research | Section 001 (Jennifer LaFleur)

This class will give you the tools you need to approach larger and more complex academic or professional projects with confidence! Starting with a topic of your choice, you will develop a focused, answerable research question and, through a systematic approach to conducting a small-scale literature review, practice selecting, interpreting, and synthesizing a significant body of information in clear, well-organized language. Perfect for those who would like support in preparing for research- or writing-intensive majors, capstone courses, and/or postgraduate programs.

Catalyst LASE Courses

For information on the Catalyst program see the Catalyst Website.