Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE) & Exploring the Liberal Arts (ELA) Classes

Fall 2021 Classes

ELA has courses on study skills, leadership, College resources and making the most of your liberal arts degree. These classes count as part of the 18 non-College credits you are allowed.  NOTE: Students entering in fall 2021 will be limited to 12 non-College credits.
LASE classes are liberal arts seminars offered on a range of topics; see below.

Note: LASE classes count as College credit; ELA classes count as non-College credit (effective fall 2015).

Engaging the Liberal Arts (ELA) Classes

All ELA classes count as non-College credit

ELA 2110 Academic Realities and Strategies for Success | Section 001 and 003 (Jennifer LaFleur)
Academic Realities & Strategies for Success is a 1-credit, graded course that introduces students who have struggled academically in the previous semester to effective study strategies, University resources & life skills that support student success. Class covers a range of content relevant to academic performance, including time & stress management, critical thinking skills, & life strategies for achieving success in the college environment.

ELA 2559 Hoos Got This!  Life Skills and Learning Strategies for UVA | Section 001 (Karlin Luedtke and Christy Rotman)
This class equips students with practical skills and strategies to make the most of your time at UVA and beyond.  With a self-directed, asynchronous web-based format, the course covers a range of topics that will help you navigate your life as a college student.  Including units on best practices for learning, organization, challenges, motivators and more, students will have the flexibility to select modules within each unit based upon their individual interests.  

ELA 2610 Liberal Arts and the Health Professions | Section 001 (Kimberly Sauerwein)
Students explore how insights from various disciplines inform their understanding of healthcare.  Guest lectures and informational interviews connect students with healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of the various health professions and to assess their own career goals.  Students develop skills in interdisciplinary research and problem solving, in oral and written communication, and the integration of diverse perspectives.

Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE)