Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE) & Exploring the Liberal Arts (ELA) Classes

Fall 2023 Classes

ELA has courses on study skills, leadership, College resources and making the most of your liberal arts degree. These classes count as part of the 18 non-College credits you are allowed.  NOTE: Students entering in fall 2021 will be limited to 12 non-College credits.
LASE classes are liberal arts seminars offered on a range of topics; see below.

Note: LASE classes count as College credit; ELA classes count as non-College credit (effective fall 2015).

Liberal Arts Seminars (LASE)

LASE 2510 Hoos Got This: Life Skills and Learning Strategies | Section 001 (Karlin Luedtke and Christy Rotman)
Looking for fresh time management strategies?
Want more research-backed, effective, and efficient study strategies?
Experienced academic difficulty? Need a reset?

Through this asynchronous, web-based course (in Collab) you will explore habits of mind and practical strategies that can immediately apply to other courses you are taking this semester, making it a strategic compliment to any course enrollment. Course topics include the science of learning, learning and time management strategies, procrastination, metacognition, and more. Additionally, this course will facilitate your utilization of strategic university resources that offer student support. Largely self-directed, students will have some opportunities to self-select topics and assignments relevant to their lives as well as interact with fellow classmates and instructors through assignment submissions, discussion forums and optional office hours meetings. This is a one-credit, asynchronous class offered for CR/NC only.

Please note: Students enrolling in LASE 2510 should not simultaneously enroll in LASE 3510 Academic Realities and Strategies for Success.

LASE 3510 Academic Success Strategies | Section 006 (Karlin Luedtke) Section 007 (Jennifer LaFleur)In this class, you will learn how to explore your academic challenges as opportunities to gain new skills and self-knowledge.  You will reflect on your attitude toward learning, its connection to your study practices, and the nature of what is preventing you from performing the way you want to as a student at UVA. You will learn novel approaches to learning, utilize evidence-based study strategies, and access university resources. 
Please note: Students enrolling in LASE 3510 “Academic Realities and Strategies for Success” should not simultaneously enroll in LASE 2510 “Hoos Got This”.

LASE 3559 Fundamentals of Academic Research | Section 001 (Jennifer LaFleur)
In this course, you will sharpen your primary and secondary research skills while exploring how the university contributes to our understanding of issues impacting a community you either already identify with or aspire to join. You will read challenging texts across a range of disciplines, propose and conduct a focused qualitative or quantitative study on a topic of your choice, and learn to contextualize your work within existing scholarship.

Catalyst LASE Courses

For information on the Catalyst program see the Catalyst Website.