Transfer to Other U.Va. Schools


Students planning to transfer to the University of Virginia School of Architecture, Commerce, Education, Engineering, or Nursing should visit these Schools and investigate carefully the requirements for entrance. These undergraduate professional schools are separate from the College of Arts & Sciences and have their own admissions standards, programs, and goals.

Appropriate times for transfer vary among these schools. Transfer is not automatic; students enrolled in the College should not neglect College requirements in anticipation of transfer. Teacher Education students entering the Curry School of Education do not transfer; they are enrolled simultaneously in the College of Arts & Sciences.

NOTE: Students should remember that some programs may not be compatible with the liberal-arts training expected by some graduate disciplines.

Transfer to the School of Architecture

The UVA School of Architecture offers three undergraduate programs: Architecture, Architectural History, and Urban and Environmental Planning. Interested students should arrange a meeting with the Undergraduate Director. In addition, students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences may minor in Architecture, Architectural History, Historic Preservation, Urban and Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture or Global Sustainability. For more information see the UVA School of Architecture website.

Application Deadlines

December 1: Application for spring admission to Architectural History and Urban & Environmental Planning due.
April 1: Application for fall admission to Architecture due.
April 15: Application for fall admission to Architectural History and Urban & Environmental Planning due.

For more information go to the School of Architecture's transfer advice web page.

Transfer to the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Students who are admitted to this competitive major will enroll in the Batten School BA degree program for the final two years of their undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia. For more information please view the admissions web page.

Transfer to the McIntire School of Commerce

The UVA McIntire School of Commerce provides students the opportunity to combine a professional business program with a strong foundation in liberal arts, all within four years at the University of Virginia. The McIntire philosophy encompasses the belief that a firm liberal arts foundation is an essential prerequisite to a professional education. The combination of a liberal arts foundation with the professional rigor of the McIntire program produces broadly educated students prepared for future opportunities. Admission to the McIntire School is not automatic, but is based upon overall qualifications. Some of the important factors are cumulative grade point average, academic performance in those courses related to business, degree of difficulty of courses taken, and course loads. Also, skills and personal characteristics such as leadership, communication, work experience, and time management demonstrated through co-curricular activities will be considered.

Applications are available on November 1, and the deadline for submitting applications is normally at the start of the spring semester. Most students enter the School following their second year of college.

Students interested in business are encouraged to complete the College Area Requirements and take a wide variety of liberal arts courses during the first two years of undergraduate study. Many Commerce faculty offer University Seminar courses (USEM), and a new course, Comm 180 - Making Business Work, is being offered this fall as an elective for first-year students.

The foreign language requirement and the Humanities requirement may, under unusual circumstances, be completed during the third year. However, it is strongly recommended that students complete both before entering the McIntire School.

Students must complete the following courses before entering the McIntire School of Commerce. Students are also encouraged to take elective courses emphasising public speaking and written communication skills. Those students interested in Information Technology as a concentration or career are strong encouraged to complete a computer programming course.

Course Suggested Year for Completion
ENWR 1505/1506 or ENWR 1510 - Composition (or exemption) 1st year
MATH 1110-Probability or MATH 1210-Introduction to Calculus I 1st year
STAT 2120-Introduction to Statistics
[STAT 1100 does NOT fulfill the statistics requirement]
1st or 2nd year
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (through the 2020 level or exemption) 1st and/or 2nd year
COMM 1800 1st year
COMM 2010, 2020 Introductory Accounting 2nd year
ECON 2010, 2020 Principles of Economics 1st or 2nd year

HUMANITIES 3 hrs. (in addition to English requirements)

1st or 2nd year

The McIntire Student Services Office holds walk-in hours each week in Robertson Hall, Room 311 for students interested in applying to McIntire's B.S. in Commerce Program. For more information see the McIntire website on intra-university transfer.

Visit the McIntire School of Commerce web site.

Transfer to the Curry School of Education

Teacher Education Program

Teacher education students entering the UVA Curry School of Education do not transfer; they are enrolled simultaneously in the College of Arts and Sciences. Visit the Teacher Education Program page.

Sports Medicine Program

The undergraduate program in kinesiology is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a foundation in the sciences of human movement that will be applied to one of several specialty areas within kinesiology:

Sports Medicine
Exercise Physiology
Adapted Physical Education

The Kinesiology major does not qualify students to sit for licensure or certification in any professional domain. This program is designed to prepare students to enroll in graduate programs that provide entry-level training and the route for certification in physical therapy, medicine, athletic training, physician's assistant, nutrition, personal training and teaching special education. Admission preference for the Kinesiology Major will be given to students whose general education program is competitive for graduate school.

For more information see the program web site.

Communication Disorders

The Communication Disorders Program offers a four-year preprofessional curriculum leading to a B.S.Ed. degree. Graduates of the program generally go on to pursue a master's degree, focusing on one of three career paths in Communication Sciences and Disorders: (1) audiology; (2) speech-language pathology; or (3) speech and hearing science. Applications to the undergraduate program are due March 1 of a student's second year in the College. Visit the Communication Disorders web site.

Transfer to the School of Engineering and Applied Science

The UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science offers undergraduate majors in Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Engineering Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Minors are available in these fields plus interdisciplinary minors: Technology Management and Policy, History of Technology, and Technology and the Environment. College students are welcome in any of the minors. For more information, see the UVA School of Engineering Undergraduate Student Handbook.

For information on how to transfer to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, click here.

Transfer to the School of Nursing

Students may transfer from other schools to the UVA School of Nursing at the end of the first or second year, but must have a minimum of 30 semester credits. In addition, an applicant must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and must complete all courses with a passing grade. Selection is competitive, based on scholastic abilities, academic achievement, and prior work or volunteer experience in health care.

Courses that are advantageous for applicants include BIOL 1210 as well as BIOL 2060 and BIOL 2070. First-year students in the School of Nursing take only one Nursing class (NUCO 1030) which is available for accepted transfer students in the fall semester.

Applications for transfer to the School of Nursing are available from the Office of Admissions and Student Services, 1010 McLeod Hall, (434) 924-0068. The application deadline is March 1. Please contact Ms. Theresa Carroll (434) 924-0141 in the School of Nursing for further information about transferring. Visit the UVA School of Nursing web site