Small Research and Travel Grants

Small Research and Travel Grants

Small Research and Travel Grants are for students conducting research, engaging in artistic activities, or presenting their own research at professional conferences. Click here for information on College of A&S Grants and Scholarships.

Students must be in Good Academic Standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000. The amount of these awards varies each cycle but is typically capped at $1,500. Grant proposals are accepted on a seasonal basis with two annual deadlines: November 1 and March 15. 

Applications for small grants must be uploaded into the appropriate UVA Collab site no later than 4:00 pm of the cycle deadline date.

Apply using the Small Research and Travel Grant Application, loacated At UVa Collab (Domestic Collab site; Study Abroad Collab site). Detailed instructions for completing and submitting the application are within the application document.

  • Join the appropriate Small Grant site at UVA Collab ( for the current award cycle.

  • Every grant application MUST include detailed and itemized budget. Applicants MUST use the CLAS Grant Budget Template and the application form.
  • If your project involves travel abroad, you must start the ISO ( clearance process BEFORE you submit your application and you must have final ISO travel clearance before grant award funds may be distributed to you. 
  • Incomplete applications or applications that do not follow submission guidelines will NOT be considered.

To join a Small Grant site, log in to Collab, go to My Workspace. From the menubar, click on Membership. Next, click Joinable Sites to see a list of all the available sites you have not joined. Enter search terms (name of Collab site) in the Search box, click Search. Finally, click Join to join the appropriate site. After you click Join, you will get the following message: "There are no joinable sites matching your search of 'search term'," where "search term" represents the search term(s) you entered. However, you will see the site you just joined if you click -more- at the top of the page.

Please refer any questions to Sean Reed, College of Arts & Sciences, Monroe Hall.