Academic Standing

Grade Audit

At the end of each semester the Association Deans check each College student's overall record to see if the student is in Good Standing and making satisfactory progress toward their degree. This review is to make sure that students are made aware of any academic problems. The Deans then counsel the student and/or apply any academic sanctions that are warranted (e.g., academic probation, suspension).

Good Standing

Full-Time Students
Full-time College of Arts & Sciences students are considered to be in Good Standing at the end of a semester if, in that semester, they have:

  • Completed at least 12 credits of course work
  • Earned a minimum GPA of 1.8
  • Have no more than one grade below C-.

Part-Time Students

Part-time College of Arts & Sciences students are not eligible for Intermediate Honors or the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's List. They will be placed on Academic Probation and may be subject to the College’s rules regarding academic suspension if their semester GPA falls below 1.8.

Good Standing and Declaration of Major

To remain in Good Standing, students who have completed four semesters of work must be in a major or have completed the Deferral of Major Form (which is good only until the end of the fifth semester). No student will be permitted to enroll for a sixth full-time semester without a major.

If a student is discontinued as a major for poor academic performance (as determined by a department or an interdepartmental program), then that student must gain immediate acceptance in another major in order to register as a full-time student. Students who lose their Good Standing in a major, may not register for another full-time semester until they either regain Good Standing and/or successfully declare another major.

Satisfactory Progress Toward a Degree

In order to enroll for a fifth semester, students must have earned at least 54 semester hours (includes approved summer, transfer, AP, IB and dual enrollment credits).

To enroll for a seventh semester, students must have earned at least 84 semester hours (includes approved summer, transfer, AP, IB and dual enrollment credits).

Students may not enroll in a ninth semester except under very special circumstances.

Barring unusual circumstances, and with the written approval of the Dean's office, students who have completed eight semesters must complete any remaining degree requirements in

  • Summer Session, and/or
  • January Term and/or
  • as a part-time student. College students are permitted to take up to 16 credits on a part-time basis toward the degree. No more than two courses, for no more than eight credits, may be taken in a given semester.


  • Students with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.000 may not take any classes during summer, fall, spring or any inter-session terms away from U.Va.
  • Students with a cumulative GPA of greater than 2.000 may attend Summer Session elsewhere; they must have the courses approved by the College Transfer Credit Evaluator by completing the Request for Transfer of Credit Form (pdf).
  • Any student whose enrollment is blocked due to low hours will not be permitted to register until they have verified by official transcript that they have earned the appropriate number of credits.
  • Students entering from secondary school must complete the requirements for the Baccalaureate degree within eight regular (fall, spring) semesters.
  • Transfer students have proportionately fewer semesters depending upon the number of semesters completed prior to admission. Policies on transfer of credits are available here.

Academic Probation

Students who do not meet standards for Good Standing in a fall or spring term incur academic probation. The notation "Academic Probation" is placed on the advising transcript for the semester in which the probation was incurred. A student on probation is expected to meet with his or her Association Dean no later than the add period of the ensuing semester. Students on probation are strongly urged to devote more time to their academic work and are referred to academic support services.

Part-time students incur academic probation if they do not attain a 1.800 semester grade point average in a fall or spring semester.

Students on Academic Probation who withdraw or take a leave of absence are eligible to re-apply for admission. They return on Academic Probation and must attain Good Standing or face suspension by virtue of two consecutive semesters on Academic Probation.


Students are subject to suspension after incurring academic probation in two consecutive semesters or after only one semester if they fail to earn at least nine grade points in that semester. One full fall term and one full spring term must elapse before they are eligible to apply to return to the College.

With a first suspension, one full fall term and one full spring term must elapse before a student may apply to return to the College, Summer Session included. The student's Association Dean will consider the application for readmission when the student can document that he or she has overcome the difficulties which led to the suspension. Students under suspension forfeit commitments of financial aid. Suspended students may not apply hours from other institutions toward their U.Va. degree.

A second suspension is regarded as permanent and a student may not return to the University of Virginia.

When warranted, the Dean is authorized to hold a suspension in abeyance and permit students who would otherwise be suspended to continue under specific conditions. After the semester has concluded, the student's academic standing will be evaluated and the appropriate academic discipline, if required, will be imposed.

Students may not earn credit elsewhere for transfer back to the College while on any kind of suspension - academic, disciplinary, honor, etc.

Suspension Appeals

Students have the right to petition about academic matters. Adverse decisions by the Dean may be appealed to the Committee on Faculty Rules, a committee comprised entirely of College Faculty members and not Association Deans.

Appeals may be addressed to:

The Committee on Faculty Rules
College of Arts and Sciences
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400133
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4133
Attn.: Ms. Newman

Appeals should include a written recommendation from a Faculty Advisor or the Director of the Undergraduate Program as appropriate.