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This study-abroad program offers a group of incoming UVA College of A&S students the opportunity to launch their undergraduate careers in one of the world's most celebrated international cities. Dubbed UVA London First: Global Cultures in a World City, the program is based at Regent's University London in the heart of Royal Regent's Park and Marylebone within central London. UVA London First offers incoming first-year and transfer students admitted to the University of Virginia's College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences an intensive experience of global citizenship, small-classroom learning, and inter-disciplinary education. Well-qualified and ambitious students will enjoy a challenging and carefully crafted plan of first-year study along with the transformative experience of living abroad.

UVA London First combines classroom instruction with an exploration of London’s history, cultures, politics and architecture, as its students move constantly between the classroom and the city. The program takes full advantage of central London's highly cosmopolitan community, as well as the extensive course offerings of Regent's University London. At every stage, academic education and personal experience are linked.

Students may also take advantage of London’s airport and train hubs, allowing them to make weekend travel a central part of the educational experience. The low cost of domestic and international transport meant that students were able to visit, not only British sites such as Edinburgh, Stonehenge, Oxford and Cambridge, but also such international destinations as Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Rome and Madrid.


The benefits of international education are significant, diverse, and lifelong. After graduation, students who studied abroad commonly state that their time away was the most important in their UVA careers. These students return to Grounds with a broadened perspective and a deeper understanding of the key issues and questions in their fields of study. They also demonstrate a greater understanding of cultural differences, are more adaptable, and display greater coping skills and self-knowledge than their peers who did not study abroad.

For most students, studying abroad is a life-changing experience that opens their eyes to different ways of life and promotes greater understanding and tolerance. Studying abroad also is one of the best ways for students to acquire the global skills necessary to succeed and lead in their professional lives, opening up unexpected personal and professional opportunities.

UVA London First is a strong sign of our commitment to preparing students for global awareness and engagement in the 21st century.

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