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McIntire School of Commerce

The McIntire School of Commerce invites students from the College of Arts and Sciences to consider many different opportunities to study business at UVA.  The electives and minor listed below are open to students in other schools of enrollment.

Fall 2023 Offerings for Non-Commerce Students

ENTP 1010    Start Up: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Open to 1st and 2nd year students)
ENTP 1559    New Courses in Entrepreneurship: Online Asynchronous Side Hustle Courses (Open to all students)
        001: What is NIL?
        002: Find & Engage Important People
        003: Unlocking Your Social Media Superpowers
        004: Uncovering Good Ideas
        005: Money Matters
COMM 1800    Foundations of Commerce (Open to 1st and 2nd year students; prerequisite for the McIntire School of Commerce)
COMM 2010    Introduction to Financial Accounting (Online course; open to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students; prerequisite for the McIntire School of Commerce)
COMM 2020    Introduction to Management Accounting (Online course; must have already completed COMM 2010; open to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students; prerequisite for the McIntire School of Commerce)
COMM 2730    Personal Finance (Open to 3rd and 4th year students)
COMM 3410    Commercial Law I (Open to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students after initial enrollment)
COMM 3420    Commercial Law II (Open to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students after initial enrollment)
COMM 3559    Foundations of Sustainable Commerce (Open to 3rd and 4th year students after initial enrollment)
COMM 3880    Global Sustainability (Cross-listed with Architecture)
COMM 4559    Finance and Society (Open to 3rd and 4th year students after initial enrollment)

Restrictions will be removed in early August 2023.  Please note that McIntire does not allow class withdrawals from 3000- and 4000-level courses.

The Entrepreneurship Minor is a 15-credit interdisciplinary minor with concentrations in Innovation in Business, Social Entrepreneurship, and Technology Entrepreneurship. Enroll in ENTP 1010: Startup if you're interested in pursuing the minor.

The 15-credit Leadership Minor aims to transform how students think about leadership and to develop the skills they need to lead people and organizations in today’s complex global environment. The first course for students interested in the minor is COMM 2600: Leadership Across the Disciplines, to be offered again in spring 2023.

The 15-credit Real Estate Minor is designed to help students create positive change in the built environment—the human-made structures and energy systems that define the world and our lives. With topics ranging from redlining and social impact to urban planning, ethics, and real estate investment, students will have access to rich interaction with disciplines across Grounds, including commerce, public policy, history, ethics, engineering, and design. Enroll in COMM 2700: Foundations of Real Estate Finance is the first course for students interested in the minor, which will be offered in spring 2023.

The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission

The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission is located in Rouss & Robertson Halls room 142.

Engage with Us! From one-on-one Walk-In Advising, Commerce-related student organizations open to all students at the University, to taking a tour with a current Commerce student, there are plenty of ways to explore McIntire, our curriculum and programs.

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Leverage Your Liberal Arts, Science, or Engineering Degree with an M.S. In Commerce

The McIntire School of Commerce leads the way in changing how students think about business. The 10-month M.S. in Commerce is designed for recent graduates in liberal arts, science, or engineering. Students who have an undergraduate degree in business are not eligible to apply. The M.S. in Commerce offers tracks in Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing & Management, concluding with a three-week Global Immersion Experience. Applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis from November through June. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Marketing & Admissions Office to discuss their interest and candidacy at [email protected].

Learn the Language of Business with the McIntire Business Institute’s Business Fundamentals Certificate 

For more than 30 years, the McIntire Business Institute: Business Fundamentals Certificate (MBI) has helped participants increase their understanding of fundamental business concepts and acquire practical business-related skills. MBI is a non-credit certificate program designed specifically for those from non-business backgrounds and helps participants gain important skills needed to complement career goals, bridge to a business-focused path, or explore potential interests. Engage and learn from the same faculty who teach in McIntire's top-ranked business programs while learning important skills like business communication, negotiation, and Excel. MBI is offered in two convenient formats: Summer Residential (5-weeks in May-June) or Academic Year (3.5 hours per week Fall and/or Spring term). For more information, contact the McIntire Business Institute at [email protected].

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

From Lisa Lampe, Director of Undergraduate Success

Transferring to UVA Engineering
The two deadlines to apply to transfer to the School of Engineering and Applied Science are December 15 and June 1 online.  Most students are eligible to transfer in June.  Make sure to join the listserv to learn about Engineering major exploration events and spring course advising workshops and open office hours. 
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Get Involved in Engineering Student Organizations
UVa students need not be in engineering to participate in engineering student organizations.
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Build Upon Your Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree with an Engineering Minor
The addition of an engineering minor broadens your skills set and could further your interest in design or research.
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Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

All Batten courses are grouped by the type of course as follows:
[LPP stands for Leadership and Public Policy] 
LPPA: Evaluation and Analysis courses (economics, research methods and data analysis)
LPPL: Leadership courses (leadership)
LPPP: Policy courses (policy based)
LPPS: Substantive area courses (education, environmental, development, health, humanitarian, national security, social entrepreneurship, etc.)

Batten courses that are not restricted to students in the Batten Major or Minor are open to College students and do not have pre-requisites. Below is a sampling of open spring courses. 

Fall 2023 Offerings for non-Batten students include:

LPPL 2100* The Resilient Student: Transition, Thriving, and Leadership
LPPL 2600 Foundations of Behavioral Science [pre-req for Batten majors and minors]
LPPL 3450 Resilient Leadership for Teams and Teammates
LPPP 2200 Introduction to Public Policy
LPPP 3500-001 Equity by Design
LPPS 3050 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
LPPS 3240 Terrorism and Counterterrorism
LPPS 3280 Lessons in Leadership: JFK and the Most Personal Office
LPPS 3310 Police-Community Relations: Problems and Prospects
LPPS 3330 Education and Conflict
LPPS 3340 Innovating for Defense
LPPS 3370 Trauma and the US Public School System
LPPS 3460 Introduction to Policy and the Legislative Process
LPPS 3470 American Healthcare Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
LPPP 5500 Batten short courses – these one-credit, five week courses are for graduate and undergraduate students. No prerequisites are required.

*Note for students applying to the Batten major or minor, only 3000-level courses or higher count toward Batten Special Topics Public Policy & Leadership major or minor requirements.

Pre-requisite information for Batten programs
Pre-requisite courses for applying to the 42-credit Batten major in Public Policy and Leadership are:
1.    ECON 2010 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)
2.    LPPL 2600 or PSYC 2600 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)
3.    LPPP 2200 (earning a C or higher)

Pre-requisite courses for applying to the Batten minor in Public Policy and Leadership are:
1.    ECON 2010 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)
2.    LPPL 2600 or PSYC 2600 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)

The pre-requisite course for applying to the 15-credit Batten Social Entrepreneurship minor is ENTP 1010: Startup. Taking this course provides you with access to the pan-University Entrepreneurship Minor application where you can express a preference for the social entrepreneurship concentration at Batten.
Pre-requisite courses for applying to the Batten Accelerated Master of Public Policy program are:
1.    ECON 2010 or equivalent (earning a C or higher)
2.    MATH 1190, MATH 1210, MATH 1310, APMA 1090, OR any more advanced calculus course (earning a C or higher or through AP or transfer credit)

The  Batten Admissions Office is in Garrett Hall Room 106. Current UVA students are welcome to walk-in to Friday Open Office Hours with a Batten Ambassador (2-4 PM during the regular academic year), make an appointment with the Batten Admissions Team, or check the Batten event calendar for upcoming information sessions and events. You can also request more information about any of our programs and review program FAQ’s. Finally, you can visit the Admissions website or read our blog to learn more about the Batten School.