Shilpa Davé

Assistant Dean and Associate Professor

Department of Media Studies
[email protected]

268 Monroe Hall


B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A.,  University of Michigan
PhD., University of Michigan

As an Association Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, I advise and assist students in their curriculum planning, academic goals, and career aspirations.

I research and teach about representations of race and gender in media and popular culture, American cultural narratives of immigration and border crossings, comparative American studies including Asian American and South Asian American Studies, and film, television, and literary studies. My book, Indian Accents: Brown Voice and Racial Performance in American Television and Film (University of Illinois Press 2013), focuses on representations of South Asians in American film and television. I am also the co-editor of the collection East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture (NYU Press 2005) that is an interdisplinary collection of essays that examine Asian influences in the U.S. cultural landscape. I have also written on topics ranging from teaching Asian American Studies to "Apu's Brown Voice: Cultural Inflection and South Asian Accents," to the comic series Spider-Man India, and Model Minorities and the Spelling Bee.