Corin Fox

Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy
[email protected]

Monroe Hall


B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.A., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Virginia

As an Association Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, I advise students in their course and curricular planning, major and program selection, and broader academic and career ambitions. I enjoy helping students learn about, explore, and immerse themselves in The College’s many opportunities. In my role as academic advisor, I teach a COLA (College Advising Seminar) called ‘Ethics and The Environment’. In this seminar, we explore a range of College advising topics, and investigate questions about the nature and scope of conservation efforts, our duties to other animals, and ethical demands on human lifestyles. We also write ‘environment narratives’ to document our reliance on and relationships with our environment(s).

I also teach in the Corcoran Department of Philosophy. My research and teaching interests are primarily focused on the intersections of the philosophy of language, logic, and ethics. I teach a seminar on the pragmatic aspects of language, with particular attention to slurs and other forms of derogation. I’ve also taught a range of logic and critical thinking classes, both as small seminars and larger lectures. My doctoral work focused on the vagueness of natural languages (e.g. English, French, Japanese, etc.) and the problems it poses for formal logic.

When I’m not advising or philosophizing, I enjoy hiking with my wife, road biking, swimming, and listening to dream pop.