New Transfer Student Guide: FAQ

The guide for enrolled transfer students contains advice on requirements and deadlines which are critical to completing your degree on time.

New Transfer Student Guide

I’m a third-year transfer student and have not been assigned an advisor—why?

If you are entering U.Va. as a third-year transfer student, we expect you will declare a major during Orientation in January. At that time, you will be assigned an advisor in your major. Information on College majors may be found at the individual department web sites. In the meantime, the undergraduate program director of your intended major can answer your questions about major requirements.

When is the first academic meeting? When do I meet with my Dean?

You will meet Ms. Ozment during Orientation.  It is very important that you attend Orientation; it will make your transition to the University of Virginia much easier.

If I can’t complete all my course work in my allotted semesters, may I stay for an additional full-time semester?

You may not enroll in additional full-time semesters beyond those allotted to you. Students entering as second-year transfers must complete their degree in six semesters, students entering as fourth-semester transfers must finish in five semesters, and students entering as third-year transfers must finish in four semesters. But Summer Session does not count toward your allotted full-time semesters, nor does January term or part-time enrollment. Permission to enroll for an additional full-time semester is not granted, except in cases of serious medical or financial hardship. Therefore, you should not assume that you will have more than the usual number of full-time allotted semesters. If you need additional time to complete your degree, you may do so through Summer Session or through part-time enrollment. If you feel you have seriously mitigating circumstances, contact your dean promptly.

Should I worry if I miss a College deadline?

Yes! The College takes its deadlines very seriously; they have all passed review by the Faculty. If you miss the deadline for dropping a course for any reason, you must withdraw. If you miss the deadline for withdrawing from a course that you attended, you are in that course and will receive a grade. If you find after the withdrawal deadline that you are still enrolled in a course that you never attended, you must submit a Late Schedule Correction Form (available only in 101 Monroe Hall). If you fail to add a course that you attended all semester, you will be added to the class but will lose your course selection priority in the subsequent semester. Changes in the grading option (to or from CR/NC and to or from audit) MUST be selected by the ADD deadline. There are no exceptions. We also take seriously the deadline to request a change in your exam schedule (allowed when you have 3 exams in a two-day period without an intervening day). Check the College calendar carefully.

Where do I go for information about dining services or housing?

For Housing questions, contact Housing; for questions about meal plans contact Dining Services; for questions about loans, call Financial Aid, etc.

I want to be a teacher. How should I prepare for that profession?

The University of Virginia has a well-established and innovative Teacher Education Program, which provides for a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree at the end of five years.  Because students admitted to the program take several education courses as part of the joint degree program, avoid taking non-College electives in your second year unless advised to do so. Rising third-year transfer students are generally not eligible to transfer to the Curry Teacher Education program unless invited to do so at the time of admission. Students considering admission to, and especially those accepted into, the BA/MT program must select their non-College electives very carefully, keeping in mind that they MUST present no fewer than 102 College or College-equivalent hours to qualify for the B.A.

What is the best way to communicate with professors and administrators?

Although e-mail and other social media has taken over a good portion of all our lives, there is much to be said for personal meetings. Use e-mail to supplement those meetings or when you have a quick question but in general please meet with us in person. All faculty have office hours, as do all Association Deans. You should feel comfortable contacting any of us to introduce yourself or to ask questions. To schedule a meeting with Ms. Ozment, call 434-924-3350.

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