Echols Scholars Program Alumni Class of the 1980's

CARLOS F. GOMEZ '80, M.D. '91, assistant professor of internal medicine, was on the program Sept. 25, for a session on "Cultural Assumptions About End-of-Life Care." His 1991 book is Regulating Death: Euthanasia and the Case of the Netherlands (Free press).

JAHAN RAMAZANI '81, UVa professor of English (and Echols adviser) was on the program of the Medical Center Hour, Sept. 18, for a session on "Stories of Bereavement and the Poetry of Mourning." Jahan's 1994 book is Poetry of Mourning: The modern Elegy from Hardy to Heaney (U of Chicago Press).

STUART K. TUCKER '81, went on to an M.A. in International Studies from Johns Hopkins, then worked for the Overseas Development Council from 1983-1991. Then did independent consulting. In 1995 he became Editor-in-Chief of The General, a bimonthly strategy gaming magazine published by the Avalon Hill Game Company. He is married to Jeanine Braithwaite (Echols '82).

JEANINE BRAITHWAITE '82, has worked as an economist for the International Monetary Fund and now (1998) is with the World Bank. She is married to Stuart Tucker (Echols '81).

J. RAY KENNEDY '81, writes (1999) that since 1990 he has been working at the International Foundation for Elections Systems (IFES) in D.C. Since 1992 he has been Director of Information Resources and has developed the world's largest multimedia collection of materials on elections, election administration, and citizen participation in the electoral processes. He is also writing the dissertation for his Ph.D. at The Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Freelance writer DANIEL MENDELSOHN '82, has the lead article in the Sept./Oct. 1996 issue of Lingua Franca: The Review of Academic Life: "The gap that separates law and scholarship may well be as unbridgeable as the gap that distinguishes comedy from tragedy. Or so classicist Martha Nussbaum discovered when she testified in the Colorado gay rights case." With a Ph.D. in Classics from Princeton, he is a lecturer there, and his book, The Elusive Embrace, has just (1999) been published.

JEANNE RENEE MONEYHUN '82, (and UVa Med.) practices otolaryngology in Baltimore.

ELIZABETH ESPIN (STERN)'83(J.D. '86), was one of the presenters at the Annual Foreign National Forum (financial planning and immigration update for U.S. visa holders) in McLean VA in June; she heads the immigration group at the law firm of Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge. Her talk was on recent changes in immigration laws.

RICHARD SPURZEM '83, was mentioned in the local weekly Observer in April as acquiring a site on which to build 252 apartments; Richard is president of Spurzem Properties, Inc., a real estate and management firm active in the area since 1980, and has his M.B.A. from Harvard.

SIOBHAN SOMERVILLE '84, English Department at Purdue University, with a paper on "Sheik and Anti-Sheik: Jean Toomer and Racialized Sexuality"; her Yale dissertation was "The Same Difference? Passing, Race, and Sexuality in American Literature and Film, 1890-1930."

JOHN HERMSMEIER '85, mentioned every now and then in local papers, as co-director of the Environmental education Center, appeared in the Observer Sept. 19, as the EEC moved into new office space on East High Street. The EEC has a $5,000 grant from the EPA for teacher-training workshops to establish wildlife habitats on school grounds.

DANIEL E. COLLINS '86, is assistant professor of Slavic at Ohio State University in Columbus, "The Pragmatics of Reported Speech in Medieval Russian Trial Transcripts: The Contextualization and Interpretation of Metapragmatic Framing Strategies in Old Russian Juridical Language" (UCLA), 1994.

LURANA DONNELS (O'MALLEY)'86, is assistant professor of theatre and dance at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. "Since 1990 she has made two research trips to Moscow to explore new developments in that city's major and minor theatres." The full text of her article "From Censorship to Openness, from Subsidies to Sponsors: Restructuring in the Recent Moscow Repertory" (Theatre Perspectives International) is on the web. She's also founded an Internet discussion group on Russian and East European theater and drama. "Masks, Pierrots, and Puppet Shows: Commedia dell'Arte and Experimentation on the Early Twentieth Century Russian Stage" (Texas at Austin), 1991. Her husband, SEAN O'MALLEY '86, "Asymmetric Epoxidation and Cyclopropanation of Alkenes Catalyzed by 'Chiral Wall' Metalloporphyrins" (Texas at Austin), 1991.

WILLIAM C. NOWLIN '86, "Tactile Sensing with Compliant Manipulators" (Harvard), 1991.

CYNTHIA SORTISIO '86, "Distinguishing Sexually Abused from Nonsexually Abused Children" (North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 1995.

KEITH WOERPEL '86, "Bix(oxazoline)-Copper Complexes as Catalysts for the Enantioselective Cyclopropanation of Olefins" (Harvard), 1992.

KATIE CHESTER '87, assistant professor of English at George Washington University in Washington DC, has an essay in a new book titled Passing and the Fictions of Identity (Duke U Press, 1996); her 1994 Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton is "Crossing the Line: Racial Passing in Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture." She's chairing a session on "Race, Rights, Citizenship: Reflections on the Centenary of Plessy v. Ferguson," at the national meeting of the American Studies Association in October in Kansas City.

YAEL KSANDER '88, had an exhibition of recent paintings at the Gallery Neo in Charlottesville, May 3 through June 3.

MAURIE MCINNIS '88, now of Yale University, recently lectured at UVa on "Lessons from Antiquity: John Singleton Copley's Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Izard."

DAVID WALDSTREICHER '88, assistant professor of American Studies at Yale, chairs a session titled "Territorial Stories: Migration, Captivity, and 'Wild Hope'"; his Yale dissertation was "The Making of American Nationalism: Celebrations and Political Culture, 1776-1820."

RICARDO PADRON '89, recently received his Ph.D. in Spanish Literature from Harvard and is now (1998) an Assistant Professor of Spanish (and an Echols adviser) at UVa.

JEFF SAXE '89, is working with several other Echols at Charlottesville Crutchfield Electronics, in the MIS Department.