Academic Year and Level

Academic Year

The College of Arts & Sciences uses academic year to track a student's progress toward the degree. Students are categorized by year or class according to the number of terms/semesters they have completed.

  • First-Year Student: in first or second semester
  • Second-Year Student: in third or fourth semester
  • Third-Year Student: in fifth or sixth semester
  • Fourth-Year Student: in seventh or eight semester

Academic Level

Credits not completed or completed unsuccessfully do not count toward the number of credits required for class standing. The number of credits necessary for each level is:

  • First year: 0-29 credits earned;
  • Second year: 30-59 credits earned;
  • Third year: 60-89 credits earned;
  • Fourth year: 90 or more credits earned.

AP credits and transfer credits are included in the computation of class standing.


  • The College limits students to eight full-time semesters to complete their degree.
  • Academic level is used primarily by Student Financial Services; the College tracks students by academic year as outlined above.