Academic Success Resources

Students who are concerned that their study skills may not be appropriate for college work or about their ability to manage time efficiently may contact (434) 243-4310, to discuss the possibility of enrolling in ELA 2890: Strategies for Academic Achievement. Enrollment is limited and placement is on a first-come, first-served basis.This course provides instruction in:

  • Methods of time management and self-discipline in academic pursuits
  • Procedures for listening and taking notes in lectures and discussions
  • Strategies for learning from lengthy and complex reading assignments
  • Analytic and critical thinking skills that are essential to scholarship
  • Practices that insure clarity and completeness of written assignments
  • Test analysis skills
  • Appropriate review procedures for different types of examinations
  • Stress management and life style choices that foster academic success

Class meetings feature descriptions and demonstrations of a variety of strategies that have assisted UVA students to increase their academic effectiveness and efficiency. Students are required to adapt, apply, and evaluate these strategies in the courses they are taking while enrolled in ELA 2890.


1. Students should contact their instructors, teaching assistants or academic departments for information regarding possible review sessions or tutoring services.

2. Several departments offer a variety of programs to help students:





Writing Center


See Sources of Academic Help and Advice for information about advising resources. Students should also contact their Association Dean for assistance.